Be Kind…

This year has been a challenging year, transforming the business, creating new programs, the loss of friends, loss of relationships, many endings and some new beginnings.   In many ways I feel like I was racing to get through it and coming out of it a bit bruised and battered.

I’ve spent much of this year questioning the events and trying to figure out why they happened, why me, why now, why this way?  Which ultimately leads me down a path of despair and confusion.

The only way to relief is to accept what is and explore what I can learn and how it encourages me to grow so that I don’t wallow in the challenges of life.  Instead I lift myself into more opportunity and possibility.

Which leads me to my annual question of this time of year.

“What did I learn this year?”

For me, the resounding answer is “Be Kind” it may seem trite and cliché, yet this is the message that rumbled through the upheaval of this year.  That soothed my shattered heart and gave me the stability to stand here today and breath into 2018.
In embracing kindness first in myself I am able to then change the lens that I gaze through and perceived the world around me with more kindness.  This subtle awareness and mantra to “be kind” has given me a window into my chattering and many times destructive mind.

It illuminates my judgment, mostly on myself and projected onto many around me. It amplifies the discord in my emotional state and guides me to more inner peace.  It reflects a reactive-ness in my relationships and life around me so I can meet them with more of an ability to respond (responsibility).

I have been exploring what keeps me from being kind and see the addiction of being attached to my false identities, digging my heals into a sense of self righteousness and justification.

This addiction a result of my need to feel valued and connected, validated and acknowledged.  All of which can be resolved when I allow a soft sense of kindness to permeate through a relaxed breath, a balanced body, a quiet mind, and a stable emotional state.

The truth is life is freaking hard!  It will beat us down, chew us up and ultimately kill us.  The struggle and pain comes from the holding and the attachment to it, which reveals the kindest act we can every grant ourselves, TO LET GO.

So in my drive to embrace more kindness in my life I simply let this year go.  I let go (yet never forgot) the great friends that have transitioned this year.  I let go of understanding why this year has unfolded as it has.  I let go of the judgment I place upon the choices I made, I let go of being so hard on myself, I let go of false identity, I let go of all that I have been struggling with and striving for, I let go.

In this letting go I stand free to take the next breath.  My hands open, mind clear and heart available to receive the next experience life has to offer. With a humble sense of awe as kindness reverberates through the stroke of midnight and every moment there after.

I hope the year ahead brings more peace, joy, and an abundance of kindness to each and every one of us.  For we all can do with a bit more kindness in this world, especially those that are the unkind amongst us.  It is the lack of kindness that screams the need for it the most.


What do you learn from 2017?  And what will you embrace in 2018?

Love your vibe, Matt

Seeing Beyond Your Vision…

When I conceived the soul vibing process 10 years ago.. or more accurately ‘channelled’ it through. I was not aware of the depth of wisdom that was embedded in it. A few thousand clients later over a handful of countries, I am completely humbled by being the custodian of this work, which I have seen transform people’s life’s beyond what I could ever imagine.  (definitely not something I could take credit for)

After this decade of exploring and sharing the work, I believe I’m finally starting to understand the expansiveness of this process. However some of it I don’t think I ever will understand.

I realised today in an insight through my morning practice, that creating visions, setting goals, and intentions can never truly embody what our soul desires to manifest and experience in life for the simple fact that the mind and emotion that are setting this intention are skewed from the divine forces inspiring it.  We can only ever catch a glimpse of the divine nature of things, and in fact it’s a oversimplified and narrow-minded glimpse at that.

We only see a fragmented perception of the divine reality that is.

Just like making a decision, taking action or choosing partners, friends, careers, and so forth in our life.  We can only every move forward based on the part of the information we perceive.  This part is filtered through our story, our experience and what we ‘want’ to see.  This also is skewed based on what others and the world chooses to share with us.  Therefore we never make a fully informed and clear decision in our life.

Nor can we ever set goals, and intentions, completely aligned with our divine self based on our fragmented interpretation of this divinity.

Realising this allows us to relinquish the grasp we have on the course we are taking and feel in control of.  The key then is to put our intention out there and let it go.

This allows the space for the divine to inspire, guide and move through us. It gives that larger part of us the opportunity to fill in the gaps.  To correct the misconceptions and offer a greater more aligned vision, intention, and goal than we can through our own perception.  And most of the time this aligned direction comes into manifestation much more effectively and efficiently.

I believe this is where we go in the soul vibing process.. We let go of our skewed perception and create space beyond intention, beyond vision, beyond our limited self into the vibration of the soul.. hence the name “soul vibing”

something divine is always singing its song to us.  We can either tune into it or play our own self-justified song over the top of it.  One is much more harmonious than the other.

I choose harmony… a divine harmony… what do you hear?

Love your vibe,

Human Identity Crisis

There is a huge problem in the world today.  No it’s not Trump, terrorism, the solar eclipse, an out of balance patriarchal society, global warming or anything you may see on the news today.  (not to discredit any of the horrible tragedies blanketing the world.)

Nope… the biggest problem we are having is an identity crisis.  You might question this and stand in your justification of who you are.  But ‘who’ are you, really?
(yep we are going deep down the rabbit hole on this one… ready?)

Are you you a man, woman, black, white, terrorist, ally, Australian, American, jew, buddhist, dad, brother, mother, sister, lawyer, singer, dancer, journalist, politician, battered wife, slave, oppressor, killer, solider, peacekeeper, priest, psychic, astrologer, realist, police officer, elder, child, feminist, straight, gay, married, single, lover, hater, human, animal…?

The list can go on and on and on… and in all of these you are identifying with a societal role, a body, a preference, a career…

Are you angry, happy, sad, depressed, frustrated, joyful… this list can go on too and in each of these you are identifying with your emotion.

Are you right, wrong, justified, fair, reasonable, thoughtful, thoughtless, or once again the list can go on to define anything you think, which means you would identify with your thought.

Look around you and notice any conflict, any struggle any separation you find in your life or see in the world around you is because of a difference in what you identify with.  All humanity is fighting against it self based on what we identify with.  Country against country, race against race, gender against gender, etc.

We could stand together and all identify as unique versions of humanity and still create a unified separation to nature, or animals.  And in fact we do.

Any way you frame it there must be two sides and the only way to have a side is to identify with one of them. Yet if we could take this stance to the more expansive identity of that which we are we could start to release our grasp of duality and separation that we cling to so tightly.

Are you with me?

Even if we identified with life, which would encompass all living things we would still be in opposition to death.

We need to stretch further and bring our identity to the more expansive truth of who we are.  There is no dark versus light, good versus evil.  There are opposing sides of identities.  When we rise above to a larger vantage point of which all is inclusive we come to a divine knowing of who we are.

So much of what we identify with and stand for is physical and impermanent.  Quantum physics already shows us that this physical world is 99.999999999999% empty space.  So in essence we are identifying with only 0.0000000000001% of what we made are up of.   And all that we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is vibration.  Creation is vibration.  This is all scientifically proven. It is what the ancients and mystics have claimed for thousands of years.

We are in essence a divine harmony of creation.  From the smallest quantum particle to the largest physical form we are this.  From the far reaches of space, beyond all time we are this. Although we can’t logically see this or understand this we can actually feel it and conceive the vastness of our true identity.

If we truly did identify with our divine essence, how would we act in the world?  Knowing we weren’t seperate from anything.  And that in fact everything is us, this eternal symphony of sound flowing through the cosmos, that resonants, through, in and as us.  Would we not move through the world with more compassion?  More understanding?  More acceptance?  And more kindness?

I would like to think so.  And as I meditate in the space between my breath, the moments between the sounds, the pause between my thoughts, I find this expansiveness.  I can for a brief moment catch a glimpse at the awe inspiring divine harmony of creation.

How can I bring more of that into my life?

That is a question worth pondering.  This is an identity that will transcend all problems, struggles, and separation.  If we can move from here and create a life from here, how would it look?  What would we create?

Is it possible to infuse the world with this identity of a divine harmonious consciousness, or does the very nature of the 3D-dualistic reality we live in require us to forever take sides and divide?

I prefer to believe the former.  And actually offer a process to embrace this divine harmony in your life. Do you want to lift out of the quagmire of humanities identity crisis and explore the possibility of it with me?

Who are you? Are you able to relinquish your identity to who you think you are, who you feel you are, who you are in your body and Identify with the eternal divinity of all that you are?

Love your vibe,

Embracing Divine Harmony Within

harmony-selfI know as well as most how busy, stressful, overwhelming and exhausting life can become.  As I look beyond the cage of our ‘civilised’ modern society.  I see a drive and determination of trees growing between the cracks in concrete.  I see a freedom in the agility of the birds dodging speeding windshields. Just beyond the edge of our cracked Iphones, I hear the faint harmony of nature and the rhythm of life that my own breath longs to sync with.

In our 80 hour work week, tech-ed out diets of 2 second sound bites, cold pressed juices, almond milk lattes, and gluten free bricks of bread.

We’ve lost something.

The pure unpredictable, every expanding all inspiring zest of the divine is met with our adrenal fatigue, anti-depressant and overstimulated minds.

Are you picking up what I”m putting down?

Do you feel the stuck, stagnant, monotonous pulse our hearts are beating or is it just me?

It’s time we BREATH back into the power of creation.  It’s time we embrace the divine harmony once again.

It’s time for a Divine Alignment!

A process that has evolved through wisdom I have gathered from cultures around the world.  Merging ancient wisdom and modern psychology in a palatable way to digest and integrate into your modern life.  I would love to share this 7-session program with you and support you to recalibrate to your authentic self, rejuvenate you inner passion and take command of your life once again.

I’ve got 2 spaces left for the group starting 20th of July.  If you’re vibing with this…  Check it out…

And I’ll leave you with one golden nugget of wisdom from the course that alone can transform your life.

Working with the healing power of sound and vibration we begin with the foundation of all sounds, which is the breath.

We often equate breath to air exchange that we breath into our self .. when actually the breath embodies the vibration of creation and the essence of the soul .. it is what bridges us to everything .. and from that vibration of breath the mind and heart emerge as expressions of it.  Nothing in us could exist without breath and therefore it is the foundation of life and spirit within.

If you want to transform your life the key is to embody the depth of breath which is creation and infuse that embodied breath into the voice, not only by what we hear with our ears but also the intention we transmit behind it. (thought +feeling= vibrational signature/intention).

The question then becomes before you express any thought or feeling through the word, are you breathing into the wholeness of your self or are you shallow breathing in life, disconnected from the authentically inspired self?

Your breath is a metaphor for your life!  Are you just sucking air or are you taking the time to pull the essence of life WITHIN the core of your self.  Not into your body, within your body this is a key distinction.

For if you are disconnected and out of practice with your breath, the foundation of your thoughts and feeling expressed through the word are on unstable ground, fractured and less impactful.

Find breath and find your connection to true source that can then flow through your thoughts, feelings, and infuse your voice ultimately igniting an authentic expression making manifest an inspired life.

This is the practice, this is the journey, Hence the cliche, Begin within… explore that landscape, massaging it with the prana behind the breath and see what you find. Yes just breath.  But not just the air, breath the life behind it.  Simple and yet life changing.

btw the soul vibing process allows you to open your breath to this energetic flow, grab a copy here

If you want to develop this practice and take it next level, shoot me an email with your phone number and we can connect to see if the course is a good match or what other options there are for you to dive into the divine harmony of your life once again.

Love Your Vibes,

Mixed Emotion Mother’s Day

motherloveComing up the Mother’s Day Always Brings up Mixed Emotions for me.

This being the 21st mothers day after my mum’s suicide, I would have assumed I would be well over the grief from such a sudden loss.  The truth is I don’t think we ever get over such significant loss, and for that I am extremely grateful.  Because I have learnt that sometimes it’s the moments of death and loss that we experience, which can inspire our greatest experiences of life and living.

I know without a doubt my life would have taken a different course if it weren’t for my mum’s death so early in my journey.  In essence it was a catalyst to all that my life has become.  As I’ve said before, I’ve been blessed with 2 births from my mother; One in physical and the second upon her death birthing me into my spiritual journey.   I could go on for days about what I’ve learnt over the years pealing back layer after layer about the lessons and healing that occurred as I healed from her death.

What I find significant this year is something that just landed in the last month for me.  I had always felt this sense of depression in my life and experienced moments of despair and been suicidal myself.  You could say that I inherited that from my mum, which maybe on some level I did?

I’m not one to blame external circumstances for my vibrational state of being.  Knowing full well if it’s in me it’s my responsibility, so wherever it came from is i inconsequential, I suppose.   The thing I didn’t realize is that in me was this lack of safety.   This feeling that it’s not safe for me to be in this body.  That it’s not safe for me to be in this world.  That it’s not safe for me to be a man in this world.

And ultimately my mum dying justified that lack of safety.

At the time, I told that little boy in myself that to grow up.  Time to be an adult.  And I stuffed down his pain, hurt and grief to do what I needed to in order to make not only my life valuable but the life my mum lost valuable as well.  (Big responsibility for a little dude)  Granted my life went on quite a quest to untangle those over-responsibilities.

And still this lack of safety in my world and myself trickled through manifesting as suicidal tendencies, depression, despair, broken relationships, and financial instabilities.

Now 22 years later I have gained an insight to that fear that I have been allowing running havoc in my life for so long.  From this awareness, I feel like for the first time since my mum’s death I am finally able to be the man that I vowed to be as a 22 year old boy, hands clenched in rage, heart coiled in grief, and determination like no other.

You see it wasn’t about pushing and driving myself into a split, repressed, defensive state to justify life.  It was about embracing the wholeness of the experience, diving deep into the depth of pain and mining the wisdom scattered amongst the duality of life to stand on a firm knowing that we are innately safe by the nature of who we are, spiritual beings.

By not running but by sitting and untangling the twine of time until we can follow it back to the source of all that we are.

I guess what I’m waffling on about is how grateful I am for my mother’s life and what she inspired in me and now being a father myself.  How being able to give that love to myself has been critical in healing and being the father I know I can be to hold the fullness of my kids so they can become the women capable of the same depth of love in themselves ultimately rippling into their relationships as partners, friends, and mothers.

Hmmm.. a kind of beauty in the tragedy, in a way.  That the love my mother taught me, I had to hold in myself to be able to inspire it in my children and continue on sharing the life that ended to soon for my mum.

What a wild ride!  … Thanks mum

Much Love,

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

ashamedlifeIt has been ages since I have written a mail-out that has any content other than thank you or to let you know about the next workshop.  Needless to say, things are moving quite quickly.  And I am developing new processes and products (including finally getting that book done!) to help get the work out to a wider audience…

That being said, before I race up the coast for the first Port Macquarie Event ever (yeewww!) and then spend the weekend with the amazing crew of people at Byron Spirit Fest.  I thought I would share something that came up in my Journey to Wholeness Group last Sunday.  It’s a topic that I have been chewing on for the last couple years and seems to keep me at peace in my life when things just get so heavy and stressful.

It’s quite simple.. yet really shifts things.  As I feel with much of this personal development and self-help exploration we get so consumed by our SELF that we forget the reality of what is actually going on.  Not that our life isn’t divine, miraculous and significant but, its one life in the sea of trillions to pass through this world.   Which when put into perspective we really can’t take our life too seriously as none of us will get out alive.

In fact, death isn’t even the end any more than birth is the beginning.  They are just points of significance to our consciousness in this form.  Without getting too esoteric and woo woo…

Think about the fact that the first thing we do in our life is inhale and the last thing we do is exhale then in essence life is one big breath amongst the respiration of trillions of breaths. As we exhale another inhale is taken and on it goes.  So really it’s only a beginning and end in the minimal mind of our SELF.

I believe that if we take that urgency off of our selves to make significant the life we live for our own betterment or gain trying to hold what is fleeting and brief amd instead invest in the larger scheme of things.  We can relinquish much of the conflicts we face in the world and in fact transcend the bounds of life itself.

We would ease the pressures we impose upon our everyday day because of the need to succeed, compete and stand out. We would ease our gasping to hold the exhale of life in our bodies and escape our fear of death.

Don’t fear death or use it as an excuse to put pressure or unneeded stress on life..instead live life inspired in each moment and infused with the vastness of your soul to impact the greater good of humanity (and all life)..

Take that bubble of “personal development” “self-help” and expand it to development of all life or the help of all living.  Realising we are one breath in the respiration of all life and a critical component of this life.

When we live from here embracing the fullness of this one life breath we breathe, we more fully infuse the life breath with oxygen rich nutrients of presence, compassion, care, love, and gratitude.

If you were to live from here and took action from this perspective.  Where would your life go then? What choices would you make?

How differently would your life impact this world then?

See you in the vibes.
With Love,

Getting Clear Visions for 2017

visions-clearHappy New Year!  Holy moly, 2016 you were a doozy!!!  What do you all think?  Ready to kick some spiritual butt in 2017?

I sure am!… Lots on the horizon and in place already to make this year the most pivotal year of my life. Want to join me?

I spent new years eve up at Mangrove Mountain Ashram escaping the chaos of the city, and the regular traditions that come with it.  Held in the cradle of the valley beside the creek, no phone signal, no fireworks, a small community of loving people and absolutely no drama.  The perfect place to wash the year off in the river, chant the year away through kirtan til midnight and finally burn the remaining bits of 2016 away with a hoven fire ceremony.  If that didn’t create space for 2017 I don’t know what the hell will.
After a long sleep on new years eve by the river and a morning hike to the caves on the cliffs etching out the visions of 2017, I came home and slept for ANOTHER 15 HOURS!!!  Finally on the 2nd Jan. after lounging around all day I snapped back into myself as the sunset.  It was like a reset button was hit and it took a day or two to boot back up.  (it happens at my age… i suppose HA!)

And now the inspiration is flowing, the visions are dropping, the work is unfolding in a significantly noticeable way.  For a minute I thought oh it must be the stars aligning and the portal of divine bullshit is opening just off the edge of uranus.

And then I woke the f*@k up!

It’s actually because I took the time to reconnect to the source that is always present flowing through me and inspiring me.  I stopped and chilled out, getting myself present to the moment.  Of which I had been pushing, running, and numbing for much of last year.

See it’s not rocket science.  I didn’t need to decalcify my pineal gland or rewire my DNA.  I just needed to honour the miraculous life that is flowing through every cell of my body.  The same force that is creating universes.  It is literally at your finger tips! In fact it is your finger tips…

And how do I do this?  Stop, feel and listen as I used to say back in the day when I was facilitating courses on how to trust your intuition.  Simply let go of the external physical noise that is catching our attention most of the time, feel into the vibrational symphony of sound we are transmitting (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, physical body… um yep.. it’s all vibration.) and then listen to what is softly whispering in our inner ear, encouraging us to stretch into a greater version of ourself and allow that Sh@t to flow.


There is a divinely designed fully functioning vibrational system within each one of us that when nurtured and activated has the capacity to create miracles.

The thing is we choose to race, numb and chatter mindless babble instead.  It’s just the way we are conditioned in our modern goal orientated world.  And the thing is we can unplug at any point.

I mean why not celebrate each new month as we do the new year?  That’s initially why I started the Full Moon Vibes.  It was a monthly event to click back into ourself.  At the beginning there were a core group that came regularly.

Over the last year bouncing up and down the coast it seems like every group is a new group of people and most are just popping in once a quarter, bi-annually or annually… REALLY?  I suppose if we are foolish enough to think setting intentions once at the beginning of the year and then doing the same thing we have done for the last 20 years is going to bring us significant changes in our lives we would think one soul vibing experience is enough to change my life forever. (it can be profound.. but let’s be real, yes?)

It’s just not.  It’s a constant practice that inspires subtle changes, which in a year can be significant. This really made itself apparent to me as I ended the year with a 21 day process to open my heart.  I had a group of over 20 people join me and we did the Deep Vibes Process at least once a day for 21 days.  I think we were all blown away by the impact it had on our lives.

So I’m going to offer regular groups where we can support each other this year.  Because being spiritually trendy on saturday night, fluffing each others spiritual egos, posting sexy spiritual picts of the sacred ceremony on facebook and being ‘aum-ing’ with the cool kids looks good on instagram, but if you want a life that looks and feels good you need a regular practice and ongoing support.

So as you etch out those brilliant life changing intentions this week, make sure you get someone (or many someones) and a regular practice to carry you beyond the 8th, 9th, 10th of January.

I’ve already booked in my monthly reset/recharge retreats for myself.

See you in the vibes.
With Love,

The Gift Inside Giving

joy-quote1I was driving to the mall for the third time this week.  After vowing to myself that I will not venture into such stressful, chaotic situations. (and with two kids to top it off!!)

As I pulled into the carpark and I watched one person after another pushing overflowing trolleys of gifts, weaving between cars seeking a single free car spot.  The kids still screaming frozen’s “let it go” after 3 freaking years of that movie’s release.   I had to take a breath and sigh, thinking to myself, really?  Is this really what the holidays are all about.  Is this really what life has become?

A quick “absolutely not” filled my head in response. Followed by a fleeting phrase.  “No, It’s about the experience.” And as I climbed from level, 2, to 3 to 4 and up the final ramp to the rooftop parking where I squeezed in the smallest spot ever.  The wisdom behind that phrase started to land.

Life is all about the experience.  It can’t be about what you get or give.  As all the material things come and go and eventually you leave them all behind anyway.  It can’t be about your body, as that too ages and eventually gives out.  It can’t be about the partner, lover, friends, kids, or any of the people in your life because they’re not yours and are on their own journey, which definitely won’t be leading to exit with you to the other side. (at least not in physical form)

But the experiences of these things, (giving and receiving), the body itself feeling life through it and in relation to the experience of all the people throughout our life, these things will go on forever.

The experiences have no form so they’re not bound by the physical,  they can be remembered or dreamt about and inspire the same feeling within you so they aren’t bound by time.  And they happen in an instant that once passed will never happen again in the same way so you are forced to be detached to the experience.

Which if you focus solely on the experience you ultimately create a freedom in life as you are not bound by the pain of holding onto something impermanent, which is all of physical life we see it around us.  “Let it go… Let it go” the kids scream from the back seat (for the thousandth time)

So in essence the secret to living free and joyously is letting go of the physical manifestation of life itself and focusing on the experience of life.

Which leads me to the gift of giving. in that we all know, it’s not so much the gift but the experience of giving and receiving the gift, which creates an internal shift within yourself.  as Khalil Gibran says, “There are those who give with joy and that joy is their reward.”

So True… Sit with that for a moment….

Give with joy and the joy is the reward. It’s not so much what you give or even what you do in your life (the physical representation of it), but where you are in yourself when you do it (the experience of it).  Because that vibrational feeling tone of the experience you are having is what you become and what is coming right back to you!  And not only will it come back to you it will be something you can carry with you forever.

That’s what I mean by getting into the vibes!  Be the vibes.  Oh this is going to be a good year, I can feel it already…

And my gift for all you vibers out there is this short video to experience the power of intention and vibration in your life.  (if you have been to the soul vibing experience recently you’ll recognise this one.)

If you just want audio.. DOWNLOAD HERE
and the audio of actually process without me waffling on

Also if you need that last alignment before the year ends, I’ve got a couple private one-on-one sessions left in Sydney 27th and 28th of Dec… Contact Me to save a spot… 0430 300 964

AND… Check out the powerful monthly journey for next year!!! (only 5 spots left!)
2017 – Journey To Wholeness – Starting in February!

merry xmas, happy new gong year,
see you in the 2017 vibes
lots of love

Psychedelic Or Psyche-Silly

psychedelic-audio-visulizationAs many of you know through the soul vibing (and now Divinely Deep Vibing) work we can travel to some weird, wacky inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional realms.

The combination of active breathing, energy locks and the channelled sounds can take you to some far out places.  For many it is a psychedelic experience, anything from aliens, angels, mermaids, actual hallucinations, talking to dead relatives and friends, spontaneous physical healings… and the list goes on.

I personally have been witness to some crazy experiences and often joke about my conversations with guides, and other spiritual beings.  (I suppose it’s my way of not feeling totally crazy.. oops too late!)

Anyway.. I have always pulled away from science and analysing what is actually happening and just wrote it off as divinely inspired experiences.  Until Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work opened me to the science behind his meditation work which synchronistically informed me why the soul vibing process can be a catalyst to these psychedelic experiences.

The key was specifically in how the breath is working to activate the pineal gland to release a blissful chemical cocktail into the brain and body resulting in the altered states we experience.

This insight inspired me to explore more about what is happening physiologically in the body and brain with other aspects of the process, which opened a wealth of knowledge about the healing power of sound!
(I could go on for days with the research of music and sound in the meantime.. more reading here and also this article here on benefits of sound)

What really blew my mind was a couple days ago I randomly clicked on link in facebook to an interview with the ice-man Wim Hof... Where is spoke about how DMT is released through the breathing process he does.  Interestingly enough this video dovetailed into an interview with Stanis Grof (the founder of Holotropic Breathwork) This guy took the work of Leonard Orr (founder of rebirthing) of which I have studied with and have based aspects of the Soul Vibing process off of his work ( as well as my mentor David Elliott)

Holy Hell.. did you follow that chain of connections?

Soooo.. stay with me .. this gets wicked!

There is this hypothesis that the pineal gland releases DMT (the spirit molecule found in many psychedelic drugs/medicines) It’s still not proven nor do many neuroscientists believe it is true.  It’s more psuedo-spiritual-science.

Along with this is the idea is that melatonin which IS actually produced from the pineal gland can be striped of its Co2 molecule resulting in DMT.  What I find interesting is that Wim Hof and Stanis Grof are working with Rick Strassman (author of the spirit molecule and creator of this hypothesis) suggesting that breathwork which depletes the body of Co2 causes the body to hunger for more Co2 to balance itself out in doing so it pulls from the melatonin released when the pineal gland is activated and results DMT in the body to produce these psychedelic altered states.

I don’t know about the validity of that science, but it’s interesting to think that this could be the reason behind why in the soul vibing process we are able to go into these altered healing states.

And to add another aspect into this idea.. I intuitively added the sound healing to the breathwork because it’s what felt right.. Guess what stimulates the release of more melatonin in the system?  Um yep.. Sound and Music.

So check it… (this is my pseudo science piggy backing off Rick Strassman)  The sounds and toning in the soul vibing process increase the melatonin in the body.  Then the breathing creates a depletion of Co2 in the body.  The body seeking to balance itself pulls the Co2 off the excess melatonin to result in more balanced oxygen/co2 levels and some free flowing DMT to create the altered states and off we go into La La land.

Could be true?  Regardless whether science can prove it or not we all know this shit works!  And I’m constantly astonished at what amazing journeys people go on through the process.  Maybe some day we will have a greater understanding about how the power of breath and sound work to access the metaphysical aspect of our self

Until we do.. I’m going to keep trusting the intuitive guidance and keep sharing the work.  Perhaps, I’ll find ways to stimulate melatonin levels  during the process… maybe add some actual melatonin supplements to the mix.  (prob will all end up asleep!)

What do you think?  (any science junkies out there?)
See you in the vibes.
With Love,

The wisdom behind soul vibing

vibemomentI’ve been getting many people commenting on how many events I’m doing lately.

And yes there is an ongoing calendar ticking through 2 to 3 Soul Vibing events a week.  These being one off stand alone events that are powerful in their own right.

Yet, what creates a momentum is when I get to do them regularly and those that are committed to regular monthly even fortnightly vibes in collaboration with their own daily practice through the Soul Vibing CD or on their own are making significant leaps in embracing their ability to transcend duality and become a vibrational reality.

On the surface you can come to an event dip your toe in and view it from the perspective of the sounds alone and be like,  “Yeah cool, right, those were some wicked crystal bowls or didj or gong that dropped me into this blissed out state and it felt so relaxing.”

AND there is a whole other level to the wisdom behind the soul vibing process than just a sound bath to relax your mind.  The Soul Vibing Process was designed to align you to resonant to the vibration of your soul. (hence the name…  Soul Vibing.. )  My intention is to bring the sacredness back to sound and a voice to that which is silence.  (what the hell does all that mean, right?)

You see everything is vibration or sound.  Creation is vibration and vibration is sound. Creation is sound!

It seems that, that idea is becoming cliché.  What does it really mean and how does knowing that impact our lives?

Stay with me….

Everything in the physical world is in vibration.  Our feelings are measurable vibrations resonating out of us.  Just as our thoughts, which become beliefs are measurable vibrations and even our physical body is not solid; the kidneys, heart, lungs, every part of our body has it’s own unique vibration.

We are a culmination of vibrations.  We are a vibrational manifestation of our soul.  WE ARE OUR SOUL SONG!  (yep.. you are freaking divine! Own it! )

These vibrations are emanating into the world and we in turn interpret these vibrations through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch etc. So in essence we are vibrational receivers as well as vibrational broadcasters.  We are both the radio and the radio station.

Yet we are conditioned to focus on the receiving of the vibrations and often forget we are broadcasting at the same time.  Through the soul vibing process we take our focus away from the receiving of the external vibrations.  Turn in and amplify our broadcasting capabilities as well as expand into the source of which all vibration emerges.  Divinity, God, Zero Point.. call it what you will, in this space all duality subsides, all needs desires and goals a met instantaneously for we become one with the eternal consciousness of all that is, was, or ever will be.

Can you feel the vastness of this?  This is the truth of yourself.

And From here we focus or attention with intention (thoughts and feelings = vibrations) into form.

We broadcast the inspiration of the vibration we focus upon into a vibrational reality that ultimately manifests in physical reality.  Instead of looking at the physical reality as a solid structure we must manipulate and change to shift the vibration that we hold ( our thoughts and feelings)  in essence we flip from physical to vibrational and embody the power of creation.

With practice we let go of the struggle and striving our material world and realize that we are vibrations, creating with vibration, living in vibration and able to shift our reality as easily as a radio scans the frequencies of radio stations.

The purpose of soul vibing and the work I do is to bring this awareness.  To give a tangible experience that the vibration of creation lives with in us, is us and flows through us.  This is the sacredness of sound!

If we embody this sacredness of sound we can then give voice to that which is silenced in our relationships, career, finances, and all aspects of our lives!

Be the vibration you want to see in the world!

See you in the vibes.
With Love,