find timeCooking breakfast for the girls this morning, I made the mistake I’ve made time and time again of picking up my guitar.  It never fails if I touch an instrument during cooking I inevitably burn something and today was no different.

A failure to multitask right?  Well not really. It’s because I get lost in that creative space beyond time.  A place I journey to during sound healing, a place where life is inspired.  Have you been there before?

It hit me today that there is a correlation between losing time while playing guitar and the loss of time in the healing space as we transcend our physical restrictions.

The thing is everyday we observe time from various perceptions.  Waiting in line at the shops while the lady in front of us scrapes that last 5 cent piece from her change purse can seem like hours, while that half hour organic coffee break with our best friend vanishes in seconds.

With our unforgiving digital technology we know the clocks aren’t changing pace, the discrepancy in the perception of passing time therefore falls upon us doesn’t it?

And why don’t we take note of this?  Mainly because we are too busy looking at our watches and impatiently waiting for the inadequate telstra connection to connect and update our facebook newsfeed.  And that we don’t realise that our perception of time is actually a map to our soul’s purpose.

WTF you may say… I think Matt the gong head has lost his marbles… (that happened ages ago)  Seriously, sit with this…

If time passes quickly when we are doing the things we love, or perhaps the people we love (sorry couldn’t resist) Then wouldn’t that increasing pace of time indicate we are in the flow?  That we are somehow stretching beyond the seconds of the ticking clock?

And if we follow this compass of passing time toward the quickening flow would we not be doing more things that we love?  Would this not create more joy, bliss and fun in every day? Ultimately wouldn’t this take us to a life full of that which we love, our hearts desire, our souls purpose?

I would say yes?  If you are in the joyous flow of life, doing the things that inspire this joy, resulting in the quickening of time.  Then noticing the quickening of time, would allow you to acknowledge the moments of inspired joy in your daily life and help you create more of these moments. How simple right?

Notice when you lose track of time (i.e. burn the toast) and what were you doing that took you away from the tick-tock, for this is the map to doing more of what you love and creating the life of your dreams.

If you don’t want to do it alone, we will be escaping time this weekend under the blue moon… both friday and sunday we will be journeying into ceremonial sound journeys.

SAVE A SPACE FOR FRIDAY (soul sound ceremony)



Close Your Eyes, Fall in Love,Stay there – Rumi
With Love,  Matt

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