You are the song of your soul

einsteinI’m loving the pace that things are flowing into my life at the moment.  I had this insight that I’ve been diving into the last week that I just had to share.

In the workshops we are working more with group sound and the power of intentional vibration.  (let’s see if I can lay this down in a five minute blurb so not to lose your attention.. it’s only the secret of the universe, yo!)

I’ve been saying the last year or five to ‘Sing your Soul Song’  even did a course in there at one point called soul expression with that as the tagline. (feels so cliche now.. lol)

The thing is in that statement is a sense of waiting, listening and doing something.  Which I’m realising pushes against our resistance we have in place to doing the things we dream to do.

In essence if your tap of creative flow is blocked putting more pressure behind it won’t necessarily unclog it.  In fact it may just put more pressure on you and cause a breakdown instead of a breakthrough.

Now what if the tap was never blocked to begin with, we just imposed a self block by putting our finger over it and closing it off.  The only thing in the way is you and how you are holding yourself against the flow of your higher self.  (a bit of dr. suess channelling there… “you are you that’s truer than true…HA!)

You see your soul is singing all the time.  That is the nature of creation.  All creation is vibration… Your thoughts are vibrations, your feelings are vibrations, even your physical body is a symphony of vibrations.

The issue is our sound system to play these vibrations through is jacked up or tuned to the wrong channel.  If you don’t have the right wattage for your speakers (self-expression) to handle the vibes coming through or the PA system is a cheap knock off from china that fizzzles out when you crank the volume then you aren’t going to be singing that soul song to it’s full expression.

The truth is you are the physical vibrational expression of your soul song already.  

You are your soul song, you don’t need to sing it.  It is singing you!  

The issue is you are not completely tuned to to it and a lot of noise comes through the channel.  This tuning happens based on where you are vibrationally, which is the sum total of your thoughts and feelings.  So the pressure from having to ‘sing your soul song’ created more distortion and noise.  (Not going get clarity in that)

Now, Do you feel the difference in tweaking that statement “Sing your soul Song” to “You are Your Soul Song”?

Really feel into that.  Sit with.  And you will find that the latter statement allows for the resistance to disspate and your wattage to ramp up, your PA system be upgraded and you will tune with greater precision to your Soul Song to sing you to higher vibrations than you imagined. It’s a more empowering statement to embrace

From here your realtionships, your work, your home, your LIFE resonants to the vibrations you are broadcasting.

So it’s not about waiting and doing.  It’s about allowing.  Tuning to it and TURNING IT UP!

Using sound and breath to guide you into this tuning and turning up is what the work is evolving into.  The day workshop touches on this

AND (I’m going to say it to force me to be true to my word…)
The book I am writing and am finishing this year about Vibrational Wholeness will outline processes and techniques to embrace this wisdom.

YES!…That feels good… What do you think?

See you in the vibes…
With Love,

When your all isn’t enough

allenoughHave you ever given your all and had your sights so clearly set on what you dream yet it doesn’t become a reality?  And have you pushed and pushed to make it a reality only to find it still doesn’t happen?

I’ve been there many times in my life and in fact I’m now excited when I get there.  I used to get all worked up and frustrated and push to make things happen.  But there is a fine line between pushing too much and doing everything you can.  (And on the other side I think a lot of airy fairy folk tend to error too much on divine timing or let go and trust mentality without putting in the initial effort but don’t get me started on the spiritual bypass rant)

What I’m looking at here is, I don’t believe giving your all is ever enough, Never!

WTF that sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it.  You’re supposed to work hard, make things happen, give your all and you will succeed. (insert any motivational quote

The thing is these quotes, this drive is fueled by ego.  And as Wayne Dyer used to say, “Ego is an acronym for Edging God Out.”  In other words when you give your all you are giving all that you as an isolated individual have.  In your struggle and effort you cut yourself off from the greatest resource you have, your soul, your source, universal energy, (I’d say GOD but it would freak too many people out.. if soul and spirit hasn’t ha ha)

I remember hearing this analogy of being in a pool with a beach ball.  And you swim vigorously toward it trying to catch it yet it moves away on the splashing waves and slips out from your grasp as you lunge toward it.  If you are able to be in the water and relax, sliding toward it with ease you will eventually be able to wrap your arms around it and hold it.  (the ball being the goal of course for those as thick as I am)

Letting go is the most important part of creating anything.  Yet I believe exhausting all resources and options is first and foremost without exhausting yourself and taking yourself out of balance with the large expanded source of yourself.

For that expanded self is linked to the infinite consciousness of all things, has access to everything that was, is or will be, is infused with the creative force that births universes. And when you are aligned it breaths inspiration into your life.  It brings with it a force so great that you gasp as you witness it’s creative potential making manifest that which you dream, desire or want.

I get to that point with each workshop and with most of my big dreams just before they become a reality.  That I feel i’ve done everything I can.  I look from every angle, pull on every resource and hit a spot where I can say, I’ve done all I can possibly do from this point right now and I’ve got to let it go.

In that moment I feel a release of weight off my shoulders, I kick back and trust it’s happening, and almost every time a new inspiration of what I can do next comes forward, someone enters my life that has the answer, the sea parts, clouds clear.. (okay being dramatic now) you get it, right.

And often, that something I was striving for will never come yet something far greater does. Which if i continued to cling to the idea of what was suppose to be I would never have created space for something more.

Next time you have a dream, give it your all, then step back and know that your all is never enough as you let go and (don’t say it..) let God… (shit it slipped out)  Just go for it, let it go and see what happens.

See you in the vibes
With Love,

Reconnect to Wholeness through Nature

listen-treesThings have been busy.  I’m sure you have seen some of my emails zipping past about the events that are happening and hopefully have joined in the vibes along the way?

And as I plan the upcoming months I’ve just taken a moment to realise how quickly this year is sliding by.  Here we are at the middle of the year already!  Clicking into the winter solstice with the shortest day.  As nature tells us this is the time to go inside and gather our energy for the blooming to happen in the spring.

I’ve always had a close relationship to nature being lucky enough to grow up in a small town in middle america where we could ride our bikes for hours around the block and get lost in the depths of the ravine stretching around the edge of the neighbouring golf course, the main hazard on the 9th hole, which claimed many golf balls for us to scurry through the brush finding only to re-sell to the golfers at the club house upon the completion of their round.  (Perhaps a bit of real life business school as a kid, in some ways I’m still selling ‘balls’ back to people.. ba ha ha)

Anyway it’s not about the balls. It was the hours and hours we spent lost in the woods.  Searching, building forts, playing in the creek, or laying on the dirt gazing at the light filtering through the trees. It was my favourite place to get lost as a kid and even now when things are challenging and off balance I find my footing once again in the harmony of nature.

Nature always sang to me and soothed my worries.  there is a great quote from “The Power of One” where Doc says to Peekay “Any question you ever have, the answer you will find in Nature – if you know where to look, and how to ask. And then you will have for yourself all the brains that have ever been.”  That has stayed with me for years as it spoke a deep truth that I had experienced time and again.

When I was working in my computer job in Los Angeles, unfulfilled, confused and seeking something more, I would escape in the santa monica mountains just up from my office to play guitar to the birds during my lunch break.  Most days two hawks would circle above me as if dancing to the music.

Sometimes smaller birds would land close to me and sing through their eyes and gestures.  And on rare days a deer would find it’s way through the grass or a coyote would happen along as surprised to see me as I was to see him. each time the animal or even the trees would sing the wisdom to answer the questions I pondered about life, love, purpose and passion.

Looking back I can see how we were singing to each other, me playing guitar and them responding with their song. I’m taken back there often as these nature spirits often speak through the sounds in the soul vibing journey.

Perhaps that is one level that we connect to in the workshops, As we seem to have lost that connection, many of us, as we zip through our life and function outside the realm of natures pace.

We seem to have forgotten to listen to the vast knowledge and wisdom this harmonic system is singing to us everyday.  And we are so practiced at ignoring our mother earth how could we even begin to hear her cries? (that’s another email completely)

I say let’s take a moment today to stop and listen to nature.  In fact pose a question to her before you leave home and watch as she reveals the answer to you through a bird, a bee, a falling leaf or a soft kiss of wind across your face. As we do this we connect to the harmonic vibration of who we innately are and begin to create a sacred relationship to the world around us.

This is what the ancients knew and what we need to rediscover as a society.  Ours and her survival depends on it.  (shit I didn’t realise this was going to be a tree hugging email.. but there you go.)

If you want to explore this relationship more with me and dive into the depths of nature to hear her sing while regaining your balance, slowing down and rejuvenating yourself.. join me on the day retreat next month.

With Love,
Matt (aka Nature Boy, HA!)

Life is but a Breath

holefluteYou ever have one of those divine moments in the shower (not what your dirty mind may be thinking) when inspiration ignites a flame of clarity in your consciousness.  Things just make sense before you zip into your day and get all muddied up by the ‘to-do list’

It happened yesterday.  My best moments of creativity happen for me in the shower.

Last month I was talking about It being a Good Day To Die when you are able to die to that which holds you back from living fully today.   But this shower insight takes it to the next level.  Let’s see if I can lay it down clearly without my usual rambling.. (uh oh?)

Take a deep breath in.  Now hold it.  How long can you go before you need to exhale?  30 seconds? 1 minute? 2 minutes?  longer?  Regardless you have to exhale, there is no stopping it.  Right?

And now exhale all your air out.  How long can you keep it out before you just have to inhale?  No stopping that either.  Right?

So the breath just flows.  in and out, it must to coexist, otherwise there is just an exhale or an inhale and not a full breath.

This is the rhythm of life moving through us.

Now expand it even further to an entire life.  The first thing we do is inhale into life at our birth.  We take our first breath.  And the last thing we do is exhale out of life at our death.

So in essence life can be considered one big breath.  We inhale into it and our life is one big exhale out of it.

But what caused that first inhale?  I’m not talking about the physical mechanisms.  I’m talking about the momentum behind the movement of life into the body we inhabit.  What is that?

Where did the breath come from? What inspired it?

I think Hafiz nails it when he says, “I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through, listen to this music”

Christ’s breath or the breath of spirit moves through us as the hole or the opening in a flute.  The hole is nothing and yet critical for a flute to make music.  It must remain open and clear. Otherwise the air will not flow.

Just as we remain open and clear and allow source to flow through us.

It’s hard to put in words as this was a feeling I had that made sense in my shower inspiration, but more than that allowed me to touch a place inside of me that transcended the boundaries of life.  (keep your mind out of the gutter… shower.. touch inside.. maybe it’s just me… never mind lol)

It was as if the physical representation of breathing was a result of the movement of the spiritual breath into and out of life itself.

Like music through the flute comes from the breath vibrating across the hole and reverberating sound into the space around it.  This sound continues until the breath stops but the breather of the breath still exists.

You picking up what I’m putting down?

The breather (musician) plays the flute until the exhale is complete.  Just as spirit plays through us until our life is complete. The movement doesn’t stop it’s just within our frame of reference between birth and death the life ceases and appears to stop.

Just as the musician of the flute will inhale then exhale and play another note.  As our life ends spirit moves into the energetic inhale that eventually exhales back into life again.

It’s a flow beyond birth and death that we tend to neglect seeing as we cling so tightly to the boundaries of our physical life.

In order to touch this awareness beyond life we must become completely open and aligned with the flow of spirits breath.  As we do we gain access to this momentum of life moving through us and beyond us.  The struggles become, nothing but resistance to the breath.  The joys of life translate to an allowing of music through the hole of the flute of life.

Therefore open your perspective, your view, to listen beyond the physical.  Listen to the music of the Christ’s breath moving through us.

Imbedded in all aspects of the physical, the breath, the thoughts, the beating of our heart, relationships, work, choices, feelings, etc..  is this underlining music of spirit that if we tune to we embrace a whol-e-ness (holiness)  that aligns us with the divine so that we may bring this observed divinity into the vibration of our life.

See if you can notice the breath of spirit flowing through all aspects of your day?  Can you listen to that music instead of the music of your bank account, your stressful job, your commute to work, your defiant children, your chattering mind?

What then?  How does life change?  Would love to hear if you can hear the music that Hafiz is referring to in your life and what shift that makes…

If you want to drop in quickly join me this weekend for some transcendent sounds. 

With Love,

Today is a good day to die!

chargeOn the Northern Tour de Gong trip last week up to Byron Spirit Fest. I had a bit of road time to reflect.  At one point I was trying to get to my gig for the evening, driving 110km/hr, struggling to eat my kale salad while talking on the phone. (hands free of course), all the while in the back of my mind wishing I could get on my computer to check bookings for the evening. I realised I’m still pushing myself too hard and juggling too many things.

Why? I asked myself.

‘It’s survival!’ a inner voice exclaimed. I am pushing myself and juggling everything to share the healing vibes, while building a successful business to survive in this hectic city.

Problem is the more I push the less life I live.  And in fact the holding on of life creates a resistance to it.

I began to feel into this sense of urgency that has been lingering for years.  That sense that I could die any day and end my life as unfulfilled and a failure.  (as if it’s possible to fail life?)

Anyway, I sat with that idea for quite a few kilometers.  I surgically removed the phone from my hand, stopped eating, turned the radio off, and really felt what that was all about.

Into a driving meditation/ inner dialogue I felt into the source of that urgency?

Beyond the need to share the healing, the need to be successful, beyond all the needs was this deep sense of survival which is ultimately linked to a fear of death.

A fear we are all confronted with by the simple fact of living.  Something we often ignore or distract ourselves from.  None of us are going to get out of life alive.  We hold this deep fear of losing it all.  And also the fear of a life not lived.

The ironic thing is that fear of dying actually prevents one from living fully.  It causes a push and doesn’t allow us to be present with ourself, the ones we love or the experiences we are having.  Always racing to the next experience, next high, next moment, until we die.

The inner dialogue surged on, “So how do I let this go?  What would my life look like if I could let go of this fear of death?”

And then the phrase “It’s a good day to die.” came to mind.  And I always related that phrase to mean (aside from the movie Diehard or a reference toLakota leader, Crazy Horse) that I was willing to die for a cause. It was a battle cry.

However in this situation it hit me differently.  I felt the vibe behind the battle cry speak to me.  In order to die for a cause I would have to be prepared or resolved within myself to accept end of my life.  And the only way to get there is to completely make peace with everything.  In essence tosurrender to it all.

Knowing that if in this moment I was to fall over dead, I would accept that my life had been lived and more importantly to my fearful egoic self that it had purpose.

What was preventing me from being there now?

It was the holding.  The holding of what I need to accomplish, what I need to create, who I need to become.  All of which will vanish once I die.  All my self imposed hard work, struggles, and striving will all fall away as I leave my body.

I was taken back to the moment in my vision quest last year when I could hear the supporters at the camp drumming and chanting and felt life moving on as I sat on the cliff in the distance as an observer to this life drumming on without my presence.

As if I had died and was looking back to the whole of humanity marching forward. It goes on regardless of me.  Regardless of my push, regardless of my worry and stress. Regardless of my life.  It goes on…

So why would I waste my time stressing and holding onto it all?  Why not just let it go on now?

Today is a good day to die. Not to the gift of life pulsing through my heart, but to the holding, controlling, fear driven state of being that perpetually takes me out of living.

I was able to ease my foot off the accelerator of life as this realisation landed. I felt my energy sink back into my body and my breath deepen.  I was back in myself instead of striving to survive.

My purpose is to be in my life not to fill my life with busy-ness to manufacture a purpose and justify my existence.  Which are all insecurities of the ego.

And if I did die today, I could feel resolved and take with me the vibration of life that I am now flowing with and the love I am experiencing for being a part of it all.

Why push, and struggle if we don’t need to.  As I practiced this state of being.  I felt more alive than ever before.  Too easy..

We need to die today to live life fully.

It’s a good day to die!
With Love,

Just Be Happy

be happyIt’s been awhile since I last wrote an actually newsletter.  I find I have been running from event to event, digging into some more self-awareness to heal old shizzle, and organising a team of amazing souls to help take the work to the next level. (aside from raising two kids, and plotting world domination of sound healing.. ba ha ha)   Lots and lots of stuff cooking over here.

While all this is brewing, I’m clicking into this space of acceptance and allowing.  So much of my life I have pushed and my habitual need for control has slipped under the radar of my own consciousness.

As I open my business up for support, this control is becoming more apparent and I am slowly relinquishing it.  Knowing that all aspects in our lives are reflections to the same source, this surrendering is rippling in other areas of my life as well.  It is such a relief to be able to pull back and relax in myself more than I have ever known.

What is becoming extremely clear to me is that the control I held was put there out of fear and resulted in this striving to be successful, striving for the perfect life, striving for love, or striving for the experience of it.  Underneath that striving was this aching desire to be happy.

Racing from the next thing, to the next thing.  Always pushing always pursing that which will bring in the happiness. And at times I would get it, only to realise, Shit! I’m still not happy.  As the consumption of experiences goes, each moment of life ticking by and happiness a step ahead of me I felt unfulfilled and exhausted.

But today I breath a bit easier as I let go of control, which in essence means letting go of the push or the pursuit.  I find myself more grounded and actually seeing the world around me in more detail.  Like noticing wild flowers blooming on a bush next to my car park for the first time in years.

From here I sink into an acceptance of where I am now with a trust that the-someday-maybe-better place I strive for will unfold as it needs to, if it needs to, when it needs to.

So in this acceptance is this joy that bubbles up and I begin to find the yumminess of life at a deeper level.  The childlike awe which we innately hold at the core of our being comes to the surface. Life becomes playful again.

I start to choose to be happy inside myself regardless of what is just beyond my reach outside myself.  It’s like finding the back door to the party of life and being drunk on the love.

It’s simple.. and obvious but in practice can be challenging.  To just be happy.  Stop complaining about what is or isn’t, accept it and find the beauty in it.  Stop enrolling people into your miserable point of view.  Stop blogging about it and posting facebook posts about how tough life is.  Just choose happy.  choose love. choose inner well-being.  This inspires joy and happiness inside so I am happy regardless, not waiting for stars to align or the external world to fulfill the void inside.

The question is can you be completely fulfilled and happy without looking at anything outside yourself?  (Oh, That’s big! meditate on that sucker!)

Then once you find this happiness the world around you might lash back.  They may say it’s all just fluff and you can’t live in a positive happy bubble while the world is in despair, strife, and conflict.  People are dying in horrific ways everyday and there are great injustices happening on the planet. (shit there may not be a liveable planet in 20 yrs!)  So how can you just skip along and be in a happy state?

It really is a choice, no matter how horrific the experience may be. As Viktor Frankl states, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

And, I’m no expert on the the effects of happiness.  But I would venture to say based on how I see my own life flowing, growing and expanding over the last six months, that life flows much easier when we are happy inside. (just ask Abraham about that.)

And that more ideas, more inspirations, and more action is taken in life from a place of ‘happy’ than from a place of frustration, anger, empathetically feeling the pain of the world or whatever else we may feel looking at the state of things on the planet.

I would even go as far as saying the greats like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and the list goes on.  All the change makers in the world have held a deep sense of well-being or a inner joy, or love that fuels their pursuit of change.

To defend or fight for change from a place of anger, frustration, revenge or self-righteousness will pale in comparison to someone who emerges on a mission to change from a place of love, joy, and happiness.

It’s never so much what you do, but where you are within yourself when you do it.

So I say get happy and then get busy to inspire positive change.  Life’s too short not to… and the world needs YOU 😉

With Love,

River Wisdom

riverwisdomHave you ever felt like your brain was sunburnt?

That’s what I felt after coming out of 2015.  It was a cracker of a year.  I was doing 3 events or more a week and traveling out of state once a month.  It was a full on explosion of sound healing. (borderline sound

I’m so grateful for all of it, but at the same time I burnt out.  As I mentioned in my last email my heart was not aligned to motivate new years intentions.  I was disconnected from myself and my soul song.  The only way I know how to resolve something like that was to drop into the ultimately connected place of nature.

I packed my car and headed for the unplug in Bellingen. I spent 5 days on the river there kicking back with my mozzie net and just letting myself recharge. ( I almost didn’t come back)

I would wade out to a rock that was partially submerged and sit on it to mediate and tone into my body.  It was the most amazing thing to observe the sounds in nature and tap into the rhythm of the cicada in harmony with the wind while the rolling water poured over my body washing away the year.

As the emotions released, the thoughts subsided and I found my wholeness again i could feel my awareness reach into the surrounding trees and dive deep into the water that had been rolling across that river bed for ages.  And knowing that water has memory (discovered in these experiments from the University of Stuttgart) I allowed myself the time to absorb the vibrations of all the wisdom flowing past me.

It was like being plugged into the vortex of life.  It’s hard to explain but I came to this place of feeling the interconnectedness of all things.  This thriving vibration of life that resonants through all nature.

And opened into this place where the boundaries of form subsided, time vanished and I was present in this soup of vibrations.  The trees merged into the sky and the branches dissolved into the river.  The roots enmeshed in the earth as a kaleidoscope of grounding vibes.

I had been here before in the jungles of peru and on the camino de Santiago ( a pilgrimage across Spain)  So it was familiar, but for the first time I was able to layer my experience of sound healing upon this awareness.  This was the vibration of wholeness.  The source of being.

And from here my struggle from last year was non-existant.  My anxiety of this upcoming year and the pressure of what was ahead had no pull on me.  I was free and connected.

Home again.

This is what we forget about in our western world of external focus at a mind numbing pace. I was at peace and ready for what was to come.  I felt this inner knowing that I was complete here and time to head home. Time to make manifest 2016

That was almost two weeks ago and since then I have been working from a place of that vibration.  I have been writing a book about the wisdom of sound healing and designing my upcoming workshops from this place.

It is my intention to maintain this interconnected awareness through out the year and share it with as many people as possible.

Let’s rock into the vibrations of wholeness for 2016

With Love, Matt

Kicking It With Oprah

love over fearWhat a transformational weekend!

Saturday night I remembered at 4pm that I was meant to be at the Oprah event at 7pm.  Don’t know how I forgot that one.  DOH!

Needless to say I was exhausted from a full on week and reluctant even more to travel out to Homebush.  But I pushed through it all and finally arrived 2 hrs later to find myself amongst 2000 women and perhaps 50 guys (mostly beautiful gay men) so it felt rather normal to most groups I find myself in, just on larger scale a bit like a 100 soul vibe events squeezed into one.

For the $200 ticket price I found my seat at the very top far right corner of the stadium.  I’m quite sure that I have skydived from lower altitudes. Regardless.  Oprah came out and was greeted with a thunderous roar of applause and cheering.

For me,  I was a mess.  It was waterfalls.  I didn’t know what hit me.  I mean shit I’ve cried watching her show before.  But it was always the topics of the show that moved me.  How could the mere presence of this woman affect me so much? And how embarrassing in a room full of women to be crying the most out of all of them. Ba ha ha

And then she started speaking about her life about what she knows, about her challenges, her abuse, her journey, and about how she manifested her ‘stuff’.  Yes more and more tears fell through the whole night..  In fact I was crying talking about it Sunday night in my workshop and Monday night to a friend and now still a few drops.  I must be thawing out.

She spoke about how your legacy is not some grand thing you leave behind but is held by all the people you touch in your life.

She encouraged us to ask ourselves, what is your truest, highest expression of yourself?  Which inspired me to vision how much greater I can be in my life than I have been.  How some of the choices I have made have been taking me away from my highest truest expression and how much I need to get back to myself.

She reminded us that when the space doesn’t feel right it’s life nudging you forward, Listen to it. (well if I only listened to that through the years I’d have a lot less drama in my life)

She also empowered us by affirming that we co-create our life with the intention we do things with… Never do anything you don’t’ intend to do.  And if you do something you felt you didn’t intend to do. Then ask yourself,

What intention got me into this situation?
What does this situation have to teach me that I’m not seeing?
And what do you really want?

That’s massive. Those three questions can change any challenge into an opportunity! Any mistake into a success!

She had so many bits of wisdom to share I could write a book about it.  Perhaps she already is?

A few more goodies that grabbed me are…

When you have to ask others what you should do, you are heading in the wrong direction.

Be responsible for the energy you bring into this space

In your darkest hours after you have done everything, just go in and surrender

Let go so it finds a place with you

What is happening to you is happening for you.

Each one of those she of course elaborated on and brought up more tears for me.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  But I think her authenticity and strong intention to inspire us to live our lives in alignment with the wholeness of who we are was grounded in such a loving space.  That the aspects of myself that weren’t authentic, that weren’t in alignment were literally being washed away.

It was divine timing as the days before the event I was racing around making poor decisions and losing myself in the whole journey.  It felt like I was having furniture thrown at me in my sleep urging me to wake up and move forward.

It was as if I was stuck in old patterns and almost needed some help to stand in my power again.

Surprisingly to me Oprah just being Oprah was the healing I was seeking.  She stood grounded in front of us all and let us inside her heart, to the core of her soul with such honesty and vulnerability I think the whole stadium was transformed that night.

And that is the beauty of being true to yourself.  She is so clear about who she is and why she is on the planet that you can’t help but be inspired.  We all have that ability it is our birthright.  It is what I would call singing your soul song!  How loudly can you sing yours?

And she brought it all home with this amazing poem by Derek Walcott called Love after Love.. (so good!)

With Love, Matt

Getting Over Yourself

centerofuniverseOver the years of my spiritual and healing journey, I have observed the underlying spiritual ego rear it’s head in many different ways through, numerous philosophies and some ‘well respect’ teachers.

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly in a field of self development) the focus of reality seems to be based upon our self. You know what I mean? We say we need to take responsibility to heal the wounding within to ultimately shift the issues we perceive through the broken lens we view the world with. And that everything unfolding around us is some how related to us.

We shuffle through our trauma and pain from this life and perhaps past lives to find the break in our well-being. We get caught up in the dynamics of relationship, of our needs, our desires, our wants. And on it goes.

But what are we really healing and bringing awareness to? Are you really healing yourself? Or are you healing an identity that you equate to yourself which is really just the egoic idea of self?

What if it really isn’t about you? What if this you doesn’t even exist? What if all this personal development is a bunch of bs diluting the fact that it’s not about you. It’s not about the way you see the world. It’s not about your narrow-minded perception of reality. It’s not about your past lives. It’s not about your relationships. It’s not about your star sign, or the combination of numbers in your birth date.

There really is no you or me. IT’S JUST NOT ABOUT YOU!

In David Bohm’s words: “When the Self becomes the supreme focus of attention, we become unable to move and create in flexible and subtle ways that characterize the general order of the Universe.”

I believe there is an ever expanding, constantly flowing, unbounded vibration of consciousness in which we are a small fragment. When we identify with the self, the me, we condense this ever-expanding vibration to a muted note.

We must not separate ourselves from this expanding nature of reality. We must embrace the wholeness of all that we are and allow a consciousness that inspires our lives to be lived and expressed into form. We must acknowledge that we are a result of the interconnectedness of all things. We are all that is was or ever will be, but IT ISN’T ABOUT US!

In the end, the you in form are going to die. You are not going to be here but consciousness will go on regardless of you or anyone for that matter.   Why not live from a place of eternity already? Why not let go of the self-help and become part of the movement of the wholeness of all things?

Albert Einstein said we identify ourselves, “as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical illusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening the circle of understanding and compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Can you imagine what your life would become if you let go of yourself? Can you catch a glimpse of what the world would evolve into if everyone stood in the vantage point of wholeness and relinquished the righteousness of self? Is it possible to move from personal development to ‘embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty?’

I’m not sure. But I’m going to shift my focus from personal development to embracing wholeness and see what happens.

Who’s with me?

With Love, Matt








No Beginning or End

no begingigEach year we tend to see December as an ending point a place of pause and regroup. We reflect on what we did do, what we didn’t do, what we wished we had done, what we shouldn’t have done but did anyway! (LOL)

We then set our sights on the new year. We create new years intentions, with grandiose ideas of eating healthy, dropping that weight, changing careers, finding love, and ultimately living the life of our dreams. We zip into January with a sense of purpose and clarity. (unless you fell into a kick ass new year’s eve party and are trying to recover.. Ooops?!? BTW for 2016 I’m fine tuning my sound healing hangover remedy..)

And then, over the remaining months we slowly lose our focus, we gradually fall into the tick-tock of life and lose sight of our dreams, desires and goals. Until the end of the year and we do it all over again.

The truth is there is no beginning or end.. Not even in the journey of life and death. The nature of creation is cyclical. There is this unbounded, unending, timeless space of wholeness that resonates within each one of us.

Those that live from this sense of wholeness embrace each moment and look to ways to make the next moment better than the last. They look to become more aligned with the expanded wholeness of who they are. They know this isn’t something that is accomplished with the newest quick fix diet or the next best intergalactic waa waa of the hippest-spiritual-used-car-salesman-guru capitalising on life’s stresses and struggles.

Nope, they see life’s stresses and struggles as an opportunity to grow. They take each moment as another chance to expand into greater consciousness and awareness of themselves. They devour each moment and digest the learning to carry with them into the next.

They realise life is a journey not a destination. And in doing so. They live empirically in the moment! From here they gain access to infinite consciousness and embrace the vast resource of the wholeness of creation. (WOW! What the hell did I just say… that’s some big shizzle…and who the hell is actually living that? ba ha ha)

The key is persistence and eternal vigilance with your our spiritual evolution.

Which leads me to the question… What are you doing to keep yourself on track and vigilant with your life purpose and development?

Maybe it’s a coach, a tribe of friends, a weekly process?  I”d love to hear… And I’ve got a few suggestions which I often ramble about in these newsletters…

What I found very beneficial was last year was that I set up a intimate healing circle where 9 of us came together to do just that.

We met monthly (Feb-Nov) and etched out time for our growth through the year creating a practice, and a momentum to keep us focused. At the end of the year the distance we had travelled within ourselves was beyond what any of us could have hoped for. We had not only grown individually but came together as a supportive tribe.

Because of the success, the insights and the simple joy it brought coming together each month I am going doing it again. This time it’s going to be even better…

There are only 9 spaces so be quick to save your spot.

With love, Matt xx