live from heartIt’s amazing how quickly 28 days zips by.  Here comes the next full moon!   As this moon gradually begins to illuminate, I am reminded of the nights I spent in my vision quest coming off the last full moon.

The sun would drop over the horizon bringing a slight chill in the air. Gradually the light would fade to a darkness allowing the earth to release it’s heat as if wrapping me in a loving embrace.  The darkness allowed my focus to expand to distant galaxies beyond time as witnessed by ancient light radiating from the millions of stars.

Then a wave of illumination reflecting off the moon would wash over the bush until the night shadows woke an entirely new landscape full of crickets, frogs, bats, possums and the life of the night bringing me awareness back.

Those moments and transitions from day to night, night to day are quickly forgotten in our modern world.  Where we are connected at one of the greatest levels of all time to the information and events happening in the world, yet we are more disconnected to our hearts than ever before.

I am blessed to share healing sounds and breath regularly to reconnect us to our expanded state of being.  And each time the intentions come through with the same themes.  I want to have more love, more connection, more purpose, more harmony, and more balance in my life.  For a couple hours we come together and get there, then we race back into our lives and forget almost overnight.

This dance has been the hardest thing for me to navigate since coming back from the vision quest.  I slowly feel this wisdom of stillness, and balance being buried behind the responsibilities and stresses of my modern world.

What has been my saving grace is being able to stop, acknowledge and enjoy a moment on the beach, or the chirping of birds zipping across my window, or the trees swaying in the wind as I sit at a stop light, or the faint smell of star jasmine as I walk to my front door.  So many reminders are there if we just stop, feel and listen.

I encourage us all to observe the progression of the moon as it begins to fill the sky again with it’s wisdom and listen if you can to the heart of life pulsing through all living things.

And then of course join me to drop into the expansiveness of the healing sounds through the full moon events next weekend… hee hee… had to put the plug in there….

but seriously, it’s in these gatherings of people opening their hearts with the intention to be more authentic and in touch with life and each other that creates wellbeing and gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in what life is really about.

Get in touch with yourself (do you) and then share that connected state of unbounded love with everyone you pass in your busy life. Devour Each Moment!  Or in the words of Simon and Garfunkel – “Slow down you move too fast you’ve got to make the moment last…”  (yes I went there!  ba ha ha)

Know you,
Be You,
Do You…

With Love and
Feeling groovy…   Matt

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