out of controlSimply because we are control freaks!  Every single one of us.  It is just the nature of being human.

We come into life as uncontrollable maniacs with no command over our lives other than chucking a spaz and manipulating some one else to help us.  (Of course there is much more to us as babies than crazed manipulators as I see first hand with my two girls.)

But we are out of control! We all are Out of Control and Out of Command of our lives.

Then we are conditioned into a state of control and are taught to resist our natural instincts.  So we quickly become In Control of and Out of Command of our lives.

The seekers, the dreamers and the weirdos we blast open this idea of being out of command.  A spiritual journey will lead you find that we have a much larger influence on our lives than we first understood.. and in fact we are life itself.

Through living in this awareness we expand into more of the bliss we are resisting. We come into the phase of In Control and in Conscious Command

From this phase we hear the nagging anchor of the ego holding us back.  It’s assumed importance as a creator and creation itself justifies its value to the world. Grasping to the last bit of control it can find to hook into as our awareness expands.

Which leads us to the final piece (peace) surrendering control, detaching identity from the ego.  We drop into the journey of Surrendering Control in Conscious Command.

Cool right now you see the path of evolving consciousness… but how the hell do I get there?

Close Your Eyes, Fall in Love, Stay there – Rumi
With Love,  Matt

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