ashamedlifeIt has been ages since I have written a mail-out that has any content other than thank you or to let you know about the next workshop.  Needless to say, things are moving quite quickly.  And I am developing new processes and products (including finally getting that book done!) to help get the work out to a wider audience…

That being said, before I race up the coast for the first Port Macquarie Event ever (yeewww!) and then spend the weekend with the amazing crew of people at Byron Spirit Fest.  I thought I would share something that came up in my Journey to Wholeness Group last Sunday.  It’s a topic that I have been chewing on for the last couple years and seems to keep me at peace in my life when things just get so heavy and stressful.

It’s quite simple.. yet really shifts things.  As I feel with much of this personal development and self-help exploration we get so consumed by our SELF that we forget the reality of what is actually going on.  Not that our life isn’t divine, miraculous and significant but, its one life in the sea of trillions to pass through this world.   Which when put into perspective we really can’t take our life too seriously as none of us will get out alive.

In fact, death isn’t even the end any more than birth is the beginning.  They are just points of significance to our consciousness in this form.  Without getting too esoteric and woo woo…

Think about the fact that the first thing we do in our life is inhale and the last thing we do is exhale then in essence life is one big breath amongst the respiration of trillions of breaths. As we exhale another inhale is taken and on it goes.  So really it’s only a beginning and end in the minimal mind of our SELF.

I believe that if we take that urgency off of our selves to make significant the life we live for our own betterment or gain trying to hold what is fleeting and brief amd instead invest in the larger scheme of things.  We can relinquish much of the conflicts we face in the world and in fact transcend the bounds of life itself.

We would ease the pressures we impose upon our everyday day because of the need to succeed, compete and stand out. We would ease our gasping to hold the exhale of life in our bodies and escape our fear of death.

Don’t fear death or use it as an excuse to put pressure or unneeded stress on life..instead live life inspired in each moment and infused with the vastness of your soul to impact the greater good of humanity (and all life)..

Take that bubble of “personal development” “self-help” and expand it to development of all life or the help of all living.  Realising we are one breath in the respiration of all life and a critical component of this life.

When we live from here embracing the fullness of this one life breath we breathe, we more fully infuse the life breath with oxygen rich nutrients of presence, compassion, care, love, and gratitude.

If you were to live from here and took action from this perspective.  Where would your life go then? What choices would you make?

How differently would your life impact this world then?

See you in the vibes.
With Love,

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