harmony-selfI know as well as most how busy, stressful, overwhelming and exhausting life can become.  As I look beyond the cage of our ‘civilised’ modern society.  I see a drive and determination of trees growing between the cracks in concrete.  I see a freedom in the agility of the birds dodging speeding windshields. Just beyond the edge of our cracked Iphones, I hear the faint harmony of nature and the rhythm of life that my own breath longs to sync with.

In our 80 hour work week, tech-ed out diets of 2 second sound bites, cold pressed juices, almond milk lattes, and gluten free bricks of bread.

We’ve lost something.

The pure unpredictable, every expanding all inspiring zest of the divine is met with our adrenal fatigue, anti-depressant and overstimulated minds.

Are you picking up what I”m putting down?

Do you feel the stuck, stagnant, monotonous pulse our hearts are beating or is it just me?

It’s time we BREATH back into the power of creation.  It’s time we embrace the divine harmony once again.

It’s time for a Divine Alignment!

A process that has evolved through wisdom I have gathered from cultures around the world.  Merging ancient wisdom and modern psychology in a palatable way to digest and integrate into your modern life.  I would love to share this 7-session program with you and support you to recalibrate to your authentic self, rejuvenate you inner passion and take command of your life once again.

I’ve got 2 spaces left for the group starting 20th of July.  If you’re vibing with this…  Check it out…

And I’ll leave you with one golden nugget of wisdom from the course that alone can transform your life.

Working with the healing power of sound and vibration we begin with the foundation of all sounds, which is the breath.

We often equate breath to air exchange that we breath into our self .. when actually the breath embodies the vibration of creation and the essence of the soul .. it is what bridges us to everything .. and from that vibration of breath the mind and heart emerge as expressions of it.  Nothing in us could exist without breath and therefore it is the foundation of life and spirit within.

If you want to transform your life the key is to embody the depth of breath which is creation and infuse that embodied breath into the voice, not only by what we hear with our ears but also the intention we transmit behind it. (thought +feeling= vibrational signature/intention).

The question then becomes before you express any thought or feeling through the word, are you breathing into the wholeness of your self or are you shallow breathing in life, disconnected from the authentically inspired self?

Your breath is a metaphor for your life!  Are you just sucking air or are you taking the time to pull the essence of life WITHIN the core of your self.  Not into your body, within your body this is a key distinction.

For if you are disconnected and out of practice with your breath, the foundation of your thoughts and feeling expressed through the word are on unstable ground, fractured and less impactful.

Find breath and find your connection to true source that can then flow through your thoughts, feelings, and infuse your voice ultimately igniting an authentic expression making manifest an inspired life.

This is the practice, this is the journey, Hence the cliche, Begin within… explore that landscape, massaging it with the prana behind the breath and see what you find. Yes just breath.  But not just the air, breath the life behind it.  Simple and yet life changing.

btw the soul vibing process allows you to open your breath to this energetic flow, grab a copy here

If you want to develop this practice and take it next level, shoot me an email matt@thegongguru.com with your phone number and we can connect to see if the course is a good match or what other options there are for you to dive into the divine harmony of your life once again.

Love Your Vibes,

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