aliveAs I zipped down the south coast last weekend sharing the healing vibes with some amazing people in Kiama, Huskisson, and Wollongong. (Yes the Gong was in the GONG! ha ha)  I felt like I was being pulled at mind blowing pace and completely out of balance, yet when I got home and sank into my bath I was full of memories and experiences that really filled my soul. It felt like I had lived the last three days fully!

I’ve always known this about myself, that travel creates inspiration and fulfils a hunger in my soul to experience as much of life as I possibly can.  There is nothing like meeting new people, tasting new foods, listening to new perspectives on life, and seeing new places.  I mean think back on your life.  What do you remember most the clothes you wore (aside from the 1980s parachute pants),  the cars you drove, the things you gathered and then sold off OR.. the experiences you had?  The places you’ve been? the people you have met? I would imagine you would remember things that you experienced as you explored the world either down the street, across town, or around the world.

I know being the father of two magical (high energy) girls,and with all the responsibilities of my modern life that travel can be restricted.  Which is why sound healing has become my number one mode of travel and such a gift to share.

The moment I heard the gong I felt a portal open.  A doorway to an energetic runway with the control of my own private sound jet through my voice. I have been able to travel to many brilliant and mystical places and the freaking best thing about it is many times I get to take a room full of people with me!  Nothing like an inter-dimensional retreat with 30-50 people that you get to share the experience with.

You may say that’s a cute metaphor, but the truth is it’s a tangible reality in the soul vibing process (as many of you know).  Once you get the head out of the way you are able to expand into the vibration of your soul, which is unbounded you can journey anywhere.

And sound really is the bridge.  I mean if you were to define this unbounded space of your soul you would find a pool of vibrations.  Different frequencies expanding through time in all dimensions.

These vibrations although not auditory can be felt, visioned and experienced by the larger part of who we are. They are interpreted by our intuition and are then filtered into our logic and physical reality.  We have access to travel anywhere anytime with the intention we place upon the waves of sound that bridge the realms of the universe. ( you with me?)

Simply, Sound is my vessel to travel the landscape of life and feel the rapture of being alive.  See you in the VIBES!

* An interesting side note on Joseph Campbell’s use of the word rapture (quoted above).  I imagine he meant rapture based on the first definition of ecstatic joy or delight.  Yet if you notice an alternate use of the word is the carrying of a person to another space or sphere of existence. very curious. hmmm… the sounds really allow you to feel the rapture of being alive.. hee hee…

Know you,Be You,Do You…
With Love..   Matt

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