find your voiceIf you are feeling a bit lethargic and unmotivated it’s a good indicator that your energetic system is blocked.

We tend to look at our life and think when the job is stressful, the relationship strained, the life feels unfulfilled that we need to change something externally.

The truth is we need to get things aligned internally.
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You race from doing this to doing that, from goal to goal, searching for that next thing that will bring more fulfilment, excitement and joy.

The problem is that this running is actually running from yourself. You will never win that race. You will never be truly happy until you stop running and reconnect with the wholeness of who you are.

Then you will become a voice of the divine with an unlimited wisdom of creation racing through you.

You are divine you have just forgotten and your searching, your yearning, your needing, and your incessant drive to succeed, is only a reactive way of trying to reclaim this missing divinity.

Meditate on this:
“Close Your Eyes, Fall in Love, Stay there.” Rumi
With Love,  Matt

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