live lifeIf you haven’t noticed we are quickly moving from what I would call a Guru society to a Do you society.  In the Guru society we placed our power in the leaders, in the superstars, the rockstars the perceived gifted, the elite, the public figures, the GURU and left ourselves in a disempowered place projecting our gifts and expression onto the chosen few.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” -Alice Walker

This Guru society is falling away.  Simply put the hierarchies in the world are becoming more ineffective and in many cases failing.  With the transparency of the world through the new technologies these structures many times built on fear, control and deceit can no longer exist.

We are moving into a new society of ‘Do You’  A time where each individual voice has a stage to speak from and be heard. In this society we embrace our individual power and the full expression of every life is expressed. It’s time to step up.

Each one of us is a critical piece of moving into this new world.  Each one of us must first get off the treadmill of the guru society and stand in vision of the do you society.

From here we must know ourselves and listen to ourselves.  Once we do we connect with the inner voice that speaks from spirit, our inspiration.  If we then act from this inspired space we manifest an inspired life.  This takes practice, awareness and courage to move into.

My intention is to continue to create a healing space and offer tools through my work where we can trust, embrace and live this fully expressed life….

This weekend is a leap into something new.. want to join me? Get into it and live the full expression of your life.. 😉

With Love,  Matt

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