visions-clearHappy New Year!  Holy moly, 2016 you were a doozy!!!  What do you all think?  Ready to kick some spiritual butt in 2017?

I sure am!… Lots on the horizon and in place already to make this year the most pivotal year of my life. Want to join me?

I spent new years eve up at Mangrove Mountain Ashram escaping the chaos of the city, and the regular traditions that come with it.  Held in the cradle of the valley beside the creek, no phone signal, no fireworks, a small community of loving people and absolutely no drama.  The perfect place to wash the year off in the river, chant the year away through kirtan til midnight and finally burn the remaining bits of 2016 away with a hoven fire ceremony.  If that didn’t create space for 2017 I don’t know what the hell will.
After a long sleep on new years eve by the river and a morning hike to the caves on the cliffs etching out the visions of 2017, I came home and slept for ANOTHER 15 HOURS!!!  Finally on the 2nd Jan. after lounging around all day I snapped back into myself as the sunset.  It was like a reset button was hit and it took a day or two to boot back up.  (it happens at my age… i suppose HA!)

And now the inspiration is flowing, the visions are dropping, the work is unfolding in a significantly noticeable way.  For a minute I thought oh it must be the stars aligning and the portal of divine bullshit is opening just off the edge of uranus.

And then I woke the f*@k up!

It’s actually because I took the time to reconnect to the source that is always present flowing through me and inspiring me.  I stopped and chilled out, getting myself present to the moment.  Of which I had been pushing, running, and numbing for much of last year.

See it’s not rocket science.  I didn’t need to decalcify my pineal gland or rewire my DNA.  I just needed to honour the miraculous life that is flowing through every cell of my body.  The same force that is creating universes.  It is literally at your finger tips! In fact it is your finger tips…

And how do I do this?  Stop, feel and listen as I used to say back in the day when I was facilitating courses on how to trust your intuition.  Simply let go of the external physical noise that is catching our attention most of the time, feel into the vibrational symphony of sound we are transmitting (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, physical body… um yep.. it’s all vibration.) and then listen to what is softly whispering in our inner ear, encouraging us to stretch into a greater version of ourself and allow that Sh@t to flow.


There is a divinely designed fully functioning vibrational system within each one of us that when nurtured and activated has the capacity to create miracles.

The thing is we choose to race, numb and chatter mindless babble instead.  It’s just the way we are conditioned in our modern goal orientated world.  And the thing is we can unplug at any point.

I mean why not celebrate each new month as we do the new year?  That’s initially why I started the Full Moon Vibes.  It was a monthly event to click back into ourself.  At the beginning there were a core group that came regularly.

Over the last year bouncing up and down the coast it seems like every group is a new group of people and most are just popping in once a quarter, bi-annually or annually… REALLY?  I suppose if we are foolish enough to think setting intentions once at the beginning of the year and then doing the same thing we have done for the last 20 years is going to bring us significant changes in our lives we would think one soul vibing experience is enough to change my life forever. (it can be profound.. but let’s be real, yes?)

It’s just not.  It’s a constant practice that inspires subtle changes, which in a year can be significant. This really made itself apparent to me as I ended the year with a 21 day process to open my heart.  I had a group of over 20 people join me and we did the Deep Vibes Process at least once a day for 21 days.  I think we were all blown away by the impact it had on our lives.

So I’m going to offer regular groups where we can support each other this year.  Because being spiritually trendy on saturday night, fluffing each others spiritual egos, posting sexy spiritual picts of the sacred ceremony on facebook and being ‘aum-ing’ with the cool kids looks good on instagram, but if you want a life that looks and feels good you need a regular practice and ongoing support.

So as you etch out those brilliant life changing intentions this week, make sure you get someone (or many someones) and a regular practice to carry you beyond the 8th, 9th, 10th of January.

I’ve already booked in my monthly reset/recharge retreats for myself.

See you in the vibes.
With Love,

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