dulyposted_gratitude-blessedLast Week I was channelling vibes in some heart-centred venues, full of beautiful tribes of loving people while outside the weather was chilly in Melbourne,  just flipping cold in Albury and sub-zero in Jindabyne (eek!)

All this on the tail end of an Epic Conscious Club event where over 350 people journeyed together. (Check out the Recording)

And behind the scenes I was popping Armaforce, pumping up Vitamin C and any other remedy I could find to power through a killer man flu. (there’s def a reason men don’t give birth, a bit o congestion and I”m toast)

So while I was sliding sideways on frost covered roads, dodging wombats, goats, deer and roos, with a tissue in one hand and GPS in the other, I fell into a deep sense of gratitude for my health and (you) the supportive community that has rallied around me over the last few years and the amazing people that have lifted me up when I was falling into challenging moments.

From starting alone in a dark room banging on my gong (yes literally you perverts) freaking myself out with the sounds.  To now sharing the healing vibes, creating profound life changing shifts with large groups across the country, is very humbling.

And through the man flu, gong banging in the dark, and the journey these sounds are taking me on I’m not only embracing a sense of gratitude but as I continue to get out of the way and allow the vibes to move through me realising a greater depth to giving than I have known.

Giving of myself, which I tend to over extend into, is only one side of the giving coin.  As I allowed more support through my chilly tour battling my man flu, I accepted that it’s just as important to receive the help and the support that I need as well.
It’s not a selfish endevour, which somewhere along the way was embedded in my consciousness, but that by receiving I am lifted up to give even more to the work that is calling me.  And I am also allowing others the opportunity to give.

If I was sharing my sound healing journey and no one received, it would land flat.  It’s truly a collaboration.. I receive the inspiration and then give of the vibrations through sound, which are in turn received by those participating, by receiving they are giving back to the inspiration of more vibrations to emerge.  You follow me?

It’s full circle, they cannot be independent; giving and receiving. In order truly master giving we must master receiving otherwise we are only half way there.

Something we innately know, but it just hit home for me at a deeper level this week.  So I’ll pack that in my bag of wisdom as I gear up for my tour de gong Brisbane… hopefully a bit warmer up there… brrrr!

“Close Your Eyes, Fall in Love… Stay There.” – Rumi
With Love,

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