Embrace the healing Power of Sound and Transform Your life…

We’ve all experienced the impact sound has to move us; whether it is dancing, pounding our feet and moving our body into an ecstatic bliss-filled state or a soothing lullaby we use muse our children off to sleep.

The relationship to sound and music stretches across cultures, religions and traditions over centuries. We find music infused in many sacred and ceremonial experiences and it is closely woven in the meditation practices of today.

But why is this?

“Music neither plows nor weaves nor feeds; so why on earth do we have music as a universal?” – Ian Cross

With the dawn of fMRI scans, and new insights to how music impacts our brains and biology we are starting to see the hidden significance of sound and its importance to humanity.

In essence it creates connection fulfilling our most basic human need and the reason we were able to evolve as a species.

After working with sound in a healing way for more than 15 years and working with thousands of clients, I have gathered wisdom from cultures and traditions around the world and fused them with ‘sound science’ to demystify the woo-woo and distill them power of sound into practical techniques that create impactful benefits to our western lives.

Through this 90-minute online experience we will unpack the science behind how sound impacts your neurology, psychology and physiology to illicit a ‘flow-state’ bridging cultures and traditions to give you access to a superconsciousness that you can use to solve problems, boost creativity and gain inspiration.

Once mastered there is a wealth of resources infused in the sacredness of sound that can ultimately create a more harmonious life.

This is a powerful and transformative experience is designed to train our bodies to function more effectively, self-regulate and maintain harmony in our everyday lives. If you are feeling stuck, rundown or just flat in your life then this is the super boost you need to get the vibes moving.

We will be using the power of sound, breath and ancient healing wisdom to help you nurture you body, mind and emotions.  To walk away feeling blissful and joyous after bathing in the sacred sounds of the didge, gong, drums, crystal bowls, channeled vocals and many more layers of sound vibrations.  Guaranteed to open your consciousness and inspire more harmony in your life.

Basic Overview of the Session 6th Feb 7:45pm (Sydney Time):

  • 20 minutes of sound wisdom
  • 45 minutes of a experiential sound immersion and practices  (all available to you after the session)
  • 15 minutes of Q and A
  • ** 3 Free Downloads of an 11 minute heart meditation and 20 minute interactive sound immersion are included upon participation **
  • ** Receive A Copy of the Ebook “Love Your Vibe” over 250 pages with of sound wisdom to take command of your life ** 
  • ** Session Recorded and available to watch anytime if your schedule is tight **
  • AND… (no it’s not steak knifes!  … ** BONUS Private Session(s) with Matt are Available Upon Completion of the Workshop!! **
TOTAL Value $147 
This one time exclusive offer the course is absolutely FREE!!
 (To maintain an intimate setting we have Limited Spots at this rate.)


Benefits of the Experience

  • Learn to self-regulate your body, emotions, and thoughts
  • Clear the noise in your mind and improve your concentration
  • Gain inner awareness feeling happy and peaceful.
  • Take away practical tools to use daily and create more harmony in your life
  • Open Your Heart
  • Rejuvenate the body by decreasing stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline etc.). And increase feel-good hormones (oxytocin, serotonin)
  • Soothe adrenal fatigue
  • connect deeper into your authentic intuition
  • connect with your heart allow your bodies inner wisdom to heal itself.

What others are Saying about Matt’s Work:

“Matt has a unique way of working with energy vibrations within you to bring to the surface ideas, thoughts, dreams and desires that you hadn’t let surface previously. If you’re looking to delving deep into your own consciousness to release any “blockages”you may have, I highly recommend a session or 2 or 3 with Matt. Thank you Matt”  – Linda Harrington – Creating Change Coaching

“Matt’s work helped me to think about love in a bigger way, I had some really enlightening moments and have come away with some great tools to use in my daily life. The sound meditations are utterly transporting, pure magic in fact.”  – Nicky Johnston

“The value of the work that Matt does absolutely transcends the cost of any of his workshops. I find that with every course, I continue to grow in ways that I never would have expected. Everyone is on their own unique journey but Matt always seems to facilitate taking people to the next level of awareness. It is so refreshing to see someone who is working in a way so aligned with their own passion. Ultimately that one thing we all strive for is alignment to that which brings us joy, so don’t wait …..sign up because a course with Matt pays out so much more than you would have ever imagined.”  -Becca Meehan

 “Matt has shifted monumental blocks in my energy and thinking and helped me create extraordinary changes in my life. He is a master at moving energy and helping you find the very best in yourself”   -Vicki Morrison

Love Your Vibe and Thrive….See you in the session… be sure to prebook.

Walk away with powerful tools and techniques 

and Sound Healing GIFTS Upon completion !!!