There is a huge problem in the world today.  No it’s not Trump, terrorism, the solar eclipse, an out of balance patriarchal society, global warming or anything you may see on the news today.  (not to discredit any of the horrible tragedies blanketing the world.)

Nope… the biggest problem we are having is an identity crisis.  You might question this and stand in your justification of who you are.  But ‘who’ are you, really?
(yep we are going deep down the rabbit hole on this one… ready?)

Are you you a man, woman, black, white, terrorist, ally, Australian, American, jew, buddhist, dad, brother, mother, sister, lawyer, singer, dancer, journalist, politician, battered wife, slave, oppressor, killer, solider, peacekeeper, priest, psychic, astrologer, realist, police officer, elder, child, feminist, straight, gay, married, single, lover, hater, human, animal…?

The list can go on and on and on… and in all of these you are identifying with a societal role, a body, a preference, a career…

Are you angry, happy, sad, depressed, frustrated, joyful… this list can go on too and in each of these you are identifying with your emotion.

Are you right, wrong, justified, fair, reasonable, thoughtful, thoughtless, or once again the list can go on to define anything you think, which means you would identify with your thought.

Look around you and notice any conflict, any struggle any separation you find in your life or see in the world around you is because of a difference in what you identify with.  All humanity is fighting against it self based on what we identify with.  Country against country, race against race, gender against gender, etc.

We could stand together and all identify as unique versions of humanity and still create a unified separation to nature, or animals.  And in fact we do.

Any way you frame it there must be two sides and the only way to have a side is to identify with one of them. Yet if we could take this stance to the more expansive identity of that which we are we could start to release our grasp of duality and separation that we cling to so tightly.

Are you with me?

Even if we identified with life, which would encompass all living things we would still be in opposition to death.

We need to stretch further and bring our identity to the more expansive truth of who we are.  There is no dark versus light, good versus evil.  There are opposing sides of identities.  When we rise above to a larger vantage point of which all is inclusive we come to a divine knowing of who we are.

So much of what we identify with and stand for is physical and impermanent.  Quantum physics already shows us that this physical world is 99.999999999999% empty space.  So in essence we are identifying with only 0.0000000000001% of what we made are up of.   And all that we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is vibration.  Creation is vibration.  This is all scientifically proven. It is what the ancients and mystics have claimed for thousands of years.

We are in essence a divine harmony of creation.  From the smallest quantum particle to the largest physical form we are this.  From the far reaches of space, beyond all time we are this. Although we can’t logically see this or understand this we can actually feel it and conceive the vastness of our true identity.

If we truly did identify with our divine essence, how would we act in the world?  Knowing we weren’t seperate from anything.  And that in fact everything is us, this eternal symphony of sound flowing through the cosmos, that resonants, through, in and as us.  Would we not move through the world with more compassion?  More understanding?  More acceptance?  And more kindness?

I would like to think so.  And as I meditate in the space between my breath, the moments between the sounds, the pause between my thoughts, I find this expansiveness.  I can for a brief moment catch a glimpse at the awe inspiring divine harmony of creation.

How can I bring more of that into my life?

That is a question worth pondering.  This is an identity that will transcend all problems, struggles, and separation.  If we can move from here and create a life from here, how would it look?  What would we create?

Is it possible to infuse the world with this identity of a divine harmonious consciousness, or does the very nature of the 3D-dualistic reality we live in require us to forever take sides and divide?

I prefer to believe the former.  And actually offer a process to embrace this divine harmony in your life. Do you want to lift out of the quagmire of humanities identity crisis and explore the possibility of it with me?

Who are you? Are you able to relinquish your identity to who you think you are, who you feel you are, who you are in your body and Identify with the eternal divinity of all that you are?

Love your vibe,

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