life dreamIt feels like a lifetime has been packed into this last week.

Aside from the astrological folk harping on about the drama created by Mercury Retrograde (once again) and the blood moon causing evangelists to yap on about armageddon with the ‘new-agers’ cheering about the new earth paradigm shift. (dont get me started)

What really shook things up for me was that the world lost a young, bright and healing soul, much too soon… Her loving heart and gift of song touched many of us.  And I know Jo will always be singing and smiling in our hearts.

It’s a sobering, and sad loss that I don’t think we can ever fully understand from our physical vantage point of life and death.  And brings forward the fragility of it all and the impermanence that stares back at our short (seemingly important) lives urging us to live each moment to the fullest.

It’s events like these that somehow create a sense of urgency and importance to each moment we do have.

This all was smacking me in the face as my 10-month ‘journey to soul’ group, stepped into awareness of letting go of the sense of urgency and importance we place on our lives.

Quite a juxtaposition of views.

With more technology and busier schedules, higher costs and more work, I find myself constantly racing more stressed than a slug in a salt bath through life, yet missing life itself.

The duality of it all echoes the phrase, “what’s the point?”  It’s all so urgent, it’s all so important, it’s all so self absorbed.

So much time in this personal development journey is spent making it all so personal.  Digging for hours through the layers of our mind, swimming in the emotional pool in our hearts, bending our perception around what needs to be released, what needs to be healed and perplexed at why we aren’t just living a bliss filled la la life.

The truth is life is happening now, everything we desire is here now (if we shift our focus) and yet it’s really not about us at all.

It’s almost like waking from a dream of self absorption and expanding into the wholeness of life.  The only way I know how to do this is by accepting, loving and giving.

Not just to be of service to others in need, but as we give we extend beyond our self into the larger self and in this movement we touch the interconnectedness of all that is or ever will be.

It is this that ripples on, that touches and inspires more life beyond life we cling so tightly to and place such importance upon.

From here I can look upon the legacy that Jo has left for us through her love of humanity and connectedness to spirit.  And from here life starts to make a bit of sense.  If we let go of the me, you and we for that matter, we find ourselves as one life.. experiencing moments together from different vantage points.

Yet unbounded by time and joined in unbounded love… and while we leap into this consciousness we must remember to laugh.. and laugh loudly as life is really too short to take ourselves so seriously. You simply won’t get out alive.

Close your eyes… Fall in love.. Stay there – Rumi

With Love,  Matt

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