be happyIt’s been awhile since I last wrote an actually newsletter.  I find I have been running from event to event, digging into some more self-awareness to heal old shizzle, and organising a team of amazing souls to help take the work to the next level. (aside from raising two kids, and plotting world domination of sound healing.. ba ha ha)   Lots and lots of stuff cooking over here.

While all this is brewing, I’m clicking into this space of acceptance and allowing.  So much of my life I have pushed and my habitual need for control has slipped under the radar of my own consciousness.

As I open my business up for support, this control is becoming more apparent and I am slowly relinquishing it.  Knowing that all aspects in our lives are reflections to the same source, this surrendering is rippling in other areas of my life as well.  It is such a relief to be able to pull back and relax in myself more than I have ever known.

What is becoming extremely clear to me is that the control I held was put there out of fear and resulted in this striving to be successful, striving for the perfect life, striving for love, or striving for the experience of it.  Underneath that striving was this aching desire to be happy.

Racing from the next thing, to the next thing.  Always pushing always pursing that which will bring in the happiness. And at times I would get it, only to realise, Shit! I’m still not happy.  As the consumption of experiences goes, each moment of life ticking by and happiness a step ahead of me I felt unfulfilled and exhausted.

But today I breath a bit easier as I let go of control, which in essence means letting go of the push or the pursuit.  I find myself more grounded and actually seeing the world around me in more detail.  Like noticing wild flowers blooming on a bush next to my car park for the first time in years.

From here I sink into an acceptance of where I am now with a trust that the-someday-maybe-better place I strive for will unfold as it needs to, if it needs to, when it needs to.

So in this acceptance is this joy that bubbles up and I begin to find the yumminess of life at a deeper level.  The childlike awe which we innately hold at the core of our being comes to the surface. Life becomes playful again.

I start to choose to be happy inside myself regardless of what is just beyond my reach outside myself.  It’s like finding the back door to the party of life and being drunk on the love.

It’s simple.. and obvious but in practice can be challenging.  To just be happy.  Stop complaining about what is or isn’t, accept it and find the beauty in it.  Stop enrolling people into your miserable point of view.  Stop blogging about it and posting facebook posts about how tough life is.  Just choose happy.  choose love. choose inner well-being.  This inspires joy and happiness inside so I am happy regardless, not waiting for stars to align or the external world to fulfill the void inside.

The question is can you be completely fulfilled and happy without looking at anything outside yourself?  (Oh, That’s big! meditate on that sucker!)

Then once you find this happiness the world around you might lash back.  They may say it’s all just fluff and you can’t live in a positive happy bubble while the world is in despair, strife, and conflict.  People are dying in horrific ways everyday and there are great injustices happening on the planet. (shit there may not be a liveable planet in 20 yrs!)  So how can you just skip along and be in a happy state?

It really is a choice, no matter how horrific the experience may be. As Viktor Frankl states, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

And, I’m no expert on the the effects of happiness.  But I would venture to say based on how I see my own life flowing, growing and expanding over the last six months, that life flows much easier when we are happy inside. (just ask Abraham about that.)

And that more ideas, more inspirations, and more action is taken in life from a place of ‘happy’ than from a place of frustration, anger, empathetically feeling the pain of the world or whatever else we may feel looking at the state of things on the planet.

I would even go as far as saying the greats like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and the list goes on.  All the change makers in the world have held a deep sense of well-being or a inner joy, or love that fuels their pursuit of change.

To defend or fight for change from a place of anger, frustration, revenge or self-righteousness will pale in comparison to someone who emerges on a mission to change from a place of love, joy, and happiness.

It’s never so much what you do, but where you are within yourself when you do it.

So I say get happy and then get busy to inspire positive change.  Life’s too short not to… and the world needs YOU 😉

With Love,

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