love over fearWhat a transformational weekend!

Saturday night I remembered at 4pm that I was meant to be at the Oprah event at 7pm.  Don’t know how I forgot that one.  DOH!

Needless to say I was exhausted from a full on week and reluctant even more to travel out to Homebush.  But I pushed through it all and finally arrived 2 hrs later to find myself amongst 2000 women and perhaps 50 guys (mostly beautiful gay men) so it felt rather normal to most groups I find myself in, just on larger scale a bit like a 100 soul vibe events squeezed into one.

For the $200 ticket price I found my seat at the very top far right corner of the stadium.  I’m quite sure that I have skydived from lower altitudes. Regardless.  Oprah came out and was greeted with a thunderous roar of applause and cheering.

For me,  I was a mess.  It was waterfalls.  I didn’t know what hit me.  I mean shit I’ve cried watching her show before.  But it was always the topics of the show that moved me.  How could the mere presence of this woman affect me so much? And how embarrassing in a room full of women to be crying the most out of all of them. Ba ha ha

And then she started speaking about her life about what she knows, about her challenges, her abuse, her journey, and about how she manifested her ‘stuff’.  Yes more and more tears fell through the whole night..  In fact I was crying talking about it Sunday night in my workshop and Monday night to a friend and now still a few drops.  I must be thawing out.

She spoke about how your legacy is not some grand thing you leave behind but is held by all the people you touch in your life.

She encouraged us to ask ourselves, what is your truest, highest expression of yourself?  Which inspired me to vision how much greater I can be in my life than I have been.  How some of the choices I have made have been taking me away from my highest truest expression and how much I need to get back to myself.

She reminded us that when the space doesn’t feel right it’s life nudging you forward, Listen to it. (well if I only listened to that through the years I’d have a lot less drama in my life)

She also empowered us by affirming that we co-create our life with the intention we do things with… Never do anything you don’t’ intend to do.  And if you do something you felt you didn’t intend to do. Then ask yourself,

What intention got me into this situation?
What does this situation have to teach me that I’m not seeing?
And what do you really want?

That’s massive. Those three questions can change any challenge into an opportunity! Any mistake into a success!

She had so many bits of wisdom to share I could write a book about it.  Perhaps she already is?

A few more goodies that grabbed me are…

When you have to ask others what you should do, you are heading in the wrong direction.

Be responsible for the energy you bring into this space

In your darkest hours after you have done everything, just go in and surrender

Let go so it finds a place with you

What is happening to you is happening for you.

Each one of those she of course elaborated on and brought up more tears for me.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  But I think her authenticity and strong intention to inspire us to live our lives in alignment with the wholeness of who we are was grounded in such a loving space.  That the aspects of myself that weren’t authentic, that weren’t in alignment were literally being washed away.

It was divine timing as the days before the event I was racing around making poor decisions and losing myself in the whole journey.  It felt like I was having furniture thrown at me in my sleep urging me to wake up and move forward.

It was as if I was stuck in old patterns and almost needed some help to stand in my power again.

Surprisingly to me Oprah just being Oprah was the healing I was seeking.  She stood grounded in front of us all and let us inside her heart, to the core of her soul with such honesty and vulnerability I think the whole stadium was transformed that night.

And that is the beauty of being true to yourself.  She is so clear about who she is and why she is on the planet that you can’t help but be inspired.  We all have that ability it is our birthright.  It is what I would call singing your soul song!  How loudly can you sing yours?

And she brought it all home with this amazing poem by Derek Walcott called Love after Love.. (so good!)

With Love, Matt

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