let lifeI’m back in Sydney..after 2 weeks of 2 trips up and down the coast.  7 events, making my first didj (to be shared for the first time in the events this weekend)  covering over 3,000 Km, touching over 200 people with the healing vibes, in 2 states, 6 cities and multiple dimensions (lol)… Needless to say I’m spending the next couple days having daddy time with the girls, and recharging.

Sooo.. I’ll keep this brief.  (maybe)

After the last email where I asked for everyone else’s insights and response, I was really touched, inspired and honoured to have such amazing feedback.  There are quite a few nuggets of wisdom I will share in the next newsletter. Thank you so much for taking time to share the love.

What I realised as I drove up the coast (listening to abraham rampages) was that just as I put the cruise control on in the car and it zipped up the highway I could do that in life.  There was no need to get in the engine and make the gears turn, I just sat back and let the car drive, let the engine run, and let the road unfold.  Very metaphorical for me… As I’ve been slowing, letting go of the reigns and receiving instead of pushing and driving things in my life.

I remember when Kaeli (my first daughter) was developing from a little blob to a full functioning human, how mind blowing it was to think that this was all happening on cruise control.  That life was developing inside Michele independent of what any of us did.  It still humbles me to think about the miraculous genius of this creation of life that unfolds to create our physical body.

What really struck me was the idea that this same power that takes a single cell to develop into human being is the same power that creates planets, solar systems, and universes.  It is a power greater than anything we can imagine and it’s flowing through us in every moment. Yet we think we have to ‘do’ our lives?  WTF.. get over yourself man.. Get out of the way.. put your life on cruise control and let the road unfold..

Life can and will happen to you, if you let it!
With love, Matt xx

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