holefluteYou ever have one of those divine moments in the shower (not what your dirty mind may be thinking) when inspiration ignites a flame of clarity in your consciousness.  Things just make sense before you zip into your day and get all muddied up by the ‘to-do list’

It happened yesterday.  My best moments of creativity happen for me in the shower.

Last month I was talking about It being a Good Day To Die when you are able to die to that which holds you back from living fully today.   But this shower insight takes it to the next level.  Let’s see if I can lay it down clearly without my usual rambling.. (uh oh?)

Take a deep breath in.  Now hold it.  How long can you go before you need to exhale?  30 seconds? 1 minute? 2 minutes?  longer?  Regardless you have to exhale, there is no stopping it.  Right?

And now exhale all your air out.  How long can you keep it out before you just have to inhale?  No stopping that either.  Right?

So the breath just flows.  in and out, it must to coexist, otherwise there is just an exhale or an inhale and not a full breath.

This is the rhythm of life moving through us.

Now expand it even further to an entire life.  The first thing we do is inhale into life at our birth.  We take our first breath.  And the last thing we do is exhale out of life at our death.

So in essence life can be considered one big breath.  We inhale into it and our life is one big exhale out of it.

But what caused that first inhale?  I’m not talking about the physical mechanisms.  I’m talking about the momentum behind the movement of life into the body we inhabit.  What is that?

Where did the breath come from? What inspired it?

I think Hafiz nails it when he says, “I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through, listen to this music”

Christ’s breath or the breath of spirit moves through us as the hole or the opening in a flute.  The hole is nothing and yet critical for a flute to make music.  It must remain open and clear. Otherwise the air will not flow.

Just as we remain open and clear and allow source to flow through us.

It’s hard to put in words as this was a feeling I had that made sense in my shower inspiration, but more than that allowed me to touch a place inside of me that transcended the boundaries of life.  (keep your mind out of the gutter… shower.. touch inside.. maybe it’s just me… never mind lol)

It was as if the physical representation of breathing was a result of the movement of the spiritual breath into and out of life itself.

Like music through the flute comes from the breath vibrating across the hole and reverberating sound into the space around it.  This sound continues until the breath stops but the breather of the breath still exists.

You picking up what I’m putting down?

The breather (musician) plays the flute until the exhale is complete.  Just as spirit plays through us until our life is complete. The movement doesn’t stop it’s just within our frame of reference between birth and death the life ceases and appears to stop.

Just as the musician of the flute will inhale then exhale and play another note.  As our life ends spirit moves into the energetic inhale that eventually exhales back into life again.

It’s a flow beyond birth and death that we tend to neglect seeing as we cling so tightly to the boundaries of our physical life.

In order to touch this awareness beyond life we must become completely open and aligned with the flow of spirits breath.  As we do we gain access to this momentum of life moving through us and beyond us.  The struggles become, nothing but resistance to the breath.  The joys of life translate to an allowing of music through the hole of the flute of life.

Therefore open your perspective, your view, to listen beyond the physical.  Listen to the music of the Christ’s breath moving through us.

Imbedded in all aspects of the physical, the breath, the thoughts, the beating of our heart, relationships, work, choices, feelings, etc..  is this underlining music of spirit that if we tune to we embrace a whol-e-ness (holiness)  that aligns us with the divine so that we may bring this observed divinity into the vibration of our life.

See if you can notice the breath of spirit flowing through all aspects of your day?  Can you listen to that music instead of the music of your bank account, your stressful job, your commute to work, your defiant children, your chattering mind?

What then?  How does life change?  Would love to hear if you can hear the music that Hafiz is referring to in your life and what shift that makes…

If you want to drop in quickly join me this weekend for some transcendent sounds. 

With Love,

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