mum def

A bit cheeky the above quote isn’t it? But how true indeed.

I had the wonderful blessing of a mother who was the most selfless, caring, nurturing, understanding and loving mother anyone could wish for.

It was something that not only I felt but all my friends felt as well, as she was the mum that all the neighbourhood kids would confide in and come visit (sometimes choosing to hang with her over me. lol) She was the type of person that you would share your life story with in the first five minutes of meeting. She was a natural healer, and all around caring mother.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.  And now having kids of my own I understand at a deeper more realistic level at how much sacrifice and commitment went into raising me (the defiant brat I was ..doh!)

I suppose on some level we all expect things from our mothers and take advantage of her loving kindness.  Which leads me to the greatest gift she gave me.. not only my physical life.. but in her death 20 years ago she birthed me once again into my spiritual life.

It has taken me a long time to embrace this understanding, but her death sent me on a journey of soul searching that has led me to the life I have now.

So from a deep loving, hand on heart, taking a humble knee inner reverence I say THANK YOU MUM for being my mother.

And may we all take a moment this mothers day to say thank you not only to our mums but all the mum’s and mother figures who give so much.

With Love,  Matt

BTW – many times my mum tones through me in the sound healing or I send the vibes to her.  The sound healing at times becomes a portal to connect us.  If you want to share healing sounds with you mum here are a couple easy gift ideas... x

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