love yourselfIf you find your life anything less than a moment to moment state of bliss and ecstasy you are out of alignment with your true nature.  Buddha realised this, Jesus realised this and many other enlightened teachers embodied this state of being.

How did they get there?  I’m sure there are as many interpretations and answers to this question as there are people on the planet.  I would venture to say they found it by going in and embracing a wholeness of unconditional love for themselves. Both the light and the dark.

What do you think?

Keep loving yourself! All of yourself with more and more compassion especially as we come into this crazy Valentines Day holiday that imposes the idea of finding the right one outside of ourselves.  Of being with the perfect someone who completes us instead of finding that state of completion inside ourselves.

As we open more and more to love we can create a life like this great article from elephant journal suggests in having a million lovers.

If you are searching to find the wholeness within.  Which ultimately creates a wholeness externally join me in Bondi this Saturday at Dhrama Shala Yoga Studio and we will take sound healing journey into the wholeness of our souls..

much love, Mattlove yourself

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