no begingigEach year we tend to see December as an ending point a place of pause and regroup. We reflect on what we did do, what we didn’t do, what we wished we had done, what we shouldn’t have done but did anyway! (LOL)

We then set our sights on the new year. We create new years intentions, with grandiose ideas of eating healthy, dropping that weight, changing careers, finding love, and ultimately living the life of our dreams. We zip into January with a sense of purpose and clarity. (unless you fell into a kick ass new year’s eve party and are trying to recover.. Ooops?!? BTW for 2016 I’m fine tuning my sound healing hangover remedy..)

And then, over the remaining months we slowly lose our focus, we gradually fall into the tick-tock of life and lose sight of our dreams, desires and goals. Until the end of the year and we do it all over again.

The truth is there is no beginning or end.. Not even in the journey of life and death. The nature of creation is cyclical. There is this unbounded, unending, timeless space of wholeness that resonates within each one of us.

Those that live from this sense of wholeness embrace each moment and look to ways to make the next moment better than the last. They look to become more aligned with the expanded wholeness of who they are. They know this isn’t something that is accomplished with the newest quick fix diet or the next best intergalactic waa waa of the hippest-spiritual-used-car-salesman-guru capitalising on life’s stresses and struggles.

Nope, they see life’s stresses and struggles as an opportunity to grow. They take each moment as another chance to expand into greater consciousness and awareness of themselves. They devour each moment and digest the learning to carry with them into the next.

They realise life is a journey not a destination. And in doing so. They live empirically in the moment! From here they gain access to infinite consciousness and embrace the vast resource of the wholeness of creation. (WOW! What the hell did I just say… that’s some big shizzle…and who the hell is actually living that? ba ha ha)

The key is persistence and eternal vigilance with your our spiritual evolution.

Which leads me to the question… What are you doing to keep yourself on track and vigilant with your life purpose and development?

Maybe it’s a coach, a tribe of friends, a weekly process?  I”d love to hear… And I’ve got a few suggestions which I often ramble about in these newsletters…

What I found very beneficial was last year was that I set up a intimate healing circle where 9 of us came together to do just that.

We met monthly (Feb-Nov) and etched out time for our growth through the year creating a practice, and a momentum to keep us focused. At the end of the year the distance we had travelled within ourselves was beyond what any of us could have hoped for. We had not only grown individually but came together as a supportive tribe.

Because of the success, the insights and the simple joy it brought coming together each month I am going doing it again. This time it’s going to be even better…

There are only 9 spaces so be quick to save your spot.

With love, Matt xx

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