goodbyOften we find ourselves racing through life chasing dreams and desires.  We are lost behind the image of what we should be, bound to who we are expected to be and grasping for what we need to live a fulfilled and happy life.

We find ourselves in a perpetual state of separation and longing.

We must realise that our sense of unfulfillment doesn’t come from anything external. it stems from a disconnection to our soul.  This disconnection results in a deep sense of separation.  A separation that then manifests as fear and insecurity. (well that sucks! doesn’t it?)   So how do we find fulfillment then?

“There is no way to achieve real contentment, real fulfillment other than through the Self.”  – Deepak Chopra

As we drop into our hearts and allow ourselves to forgive the neglect and fear we have held for years.  We begin to lift the veil of denial and feel into the pain, which holds the path to our reconnection.  It is a journey that may take a lifetime.. But each step opens you to embrace a larger wholeness in relationship with yourself.

Once you build a strong relationship with you and You.  Then you will be met by a fulfilling and inspired life.

This is the soul purpose of my work and why I find it critical to drop into the healing sounds and energy of the breath to re-connect with yourself.. or whatever you find allows you to Know You, Be You and Do YOU!

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