wayneWOW!  What a power packed weekend.. i am still buzzing from the double doses of Full Moon Soul Vibing with the First Ever Soul Vibing Teacher Training squeezed in between!!

And it was also a significant weekend because my work was being shared in a the states for the first time.  Thanks to the magical quantum phsyics guru Justine!

AND AND… Friday marked the 20th year anniversary for the day my mum took her own life.  Who I feel not only gave me physical life and inspired me in many ways through her short life… but in her death became the catalyst for me to embark on this spiritual journey of soul searching after loosing her so tragically.

AND, AND AND… the day after my mum’s anniversary one of my childhood mentors, teachers and thought provoking inspirational gurus transitioned, Dr. Wayne Dyer.  His work was something that thanks to my Dad’s influence has inspired me for most of my life.  If you’ve never heard him speak then stop what you’re doing get onyoutube and have  a listen he was a great story teller and inspirational speaker leaving a legacy of books and recordings that I hope to share with my girls and I’m sure will inspire many generations to come.

With the transition out of this full moon and those milestones outlined above.  I feel like a new chapter is opening in my journey.  The healing sounds are evolving more and more each session and with the teacher training of this work falling into place, I am clearer than ever of the wisdom behind the soul vibing journey and how it can inspire the soul song.  In ways I feel like Ive come back home to myself.

I remember the last thing my mum said to me was, “take care of yourself.” As any concerned mum would do as she left my college campus after dinner to head home and leave me to my own mischievous ways.  My overconfident 22 yr old self replied, “It’s all under control mom.”

Being 20 yrs on from that moment, I can honestly say it was never under control nor will it ever be.  It’s just a fast, winding, bumpy, ride that continually picks up momentum.

When my mum died I was angry and spent years untangling and healing the layers of trauma around it all, but through it all I could always feel her presence and sometimes she would make herself known through dolphins, or feathers, or share visions with me.

In one particular vision that took me almost 15 years to understand, she revealed the world of spirit to me and showed me sounds, colours and shapes that were the essence of my being.  The journey to understand that vision is what carried me into the sound healing work today.

I suppose what i’m trying to say is…

Whatever twists and turns we are thrown on the track ahead we can’t change them or even prevent them.  We do get to decide how they will impact us.  As Wayne says, “Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing, you get to choose.”

what may seem tragic may be the kick needed to open doors to a greater version of you… so Enjoy the ride!

With Love,  Matt

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