making plansI quietly uploaded details about my soul vibing foundations training workshop a couple weeks ago and meant to send out a newsletter, but the email never went out.

I could have very simply sent it out saying hey I’m finally offering a course to learn how to work with breath and sound the way I do, but I felt there was something else that was wanting to be said I just didn’t have the inspiration.

Then when cooking a superfood hot chocolate (don’t ask for the recipe it’s top secret), the Lennon quote, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” popped into my head.

I thought damn that’s so true.  I never planned to be a Sound Healer, Breathwork, Shamanic Dude or even The Gong Guru… One day I just woke up and was enlightened… BA HA HA… Hell No!

As a kid I wanted to be an Inventor or Superman.  Aside from holding bed sheets in strong winds in our backyard and leaping really high the flying aspect never really worked so Superman was out of the question.  And since my invention of pants with napkins stitched behind thigh pockets is still just a sketch in a notebook lost in my childhood closet that career never really landed either.

But somehow all the plans I made, goals accomplished (or unaccomplished for that matter), choices I made and inspiration I gained, have carried me into this role as a sound healer using my skills, gifts and talents.  Life just happened it.

And, if Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.. Then Healing is what happens when you’re busy living life.

Life is always happening, the plans are distracting you from it.   As you detach from this busy-ness and all this doing you drop into this river of life that powerful beyond imagination.

As you surrender to this life flow you let go of resistance, which is all dis-ease, conflict and struggle are in essence. Therefore letting go and living life we come into balance, flow and ultimately healing.

Notice where you have resistance in your breath, in your voice/body and you’ll find the resistance in your life.  Open Your breath/voice/body and you open your life.

This is why the map to navigate from resistance to the healing flow can be found in our breath and expressed through sound. Thus they become the catalyst to the healing of our system.

How to read this map and embrace life is what will be shared in the Soul Vibing Foundations Course.

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Close Your Eyes, Fall in Love,Stay there – Rumi
With Love,  Matt

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