Body Vibing




There is great wisdom in the body.  Most meditation focuses around quieting the mind, letting go of the sensations of the body.

In this practice we honour our bodies and the fact that they are singing a song full of wisdom.  As we stop and connect to the subtle sensations of the body we access a lifetime of experiences that have been hard wired and stored in the body.  If we allow the sensations to be felt we speak the language of the body and create a safe place for it to be heard.

We are also nurturing a sense of pleasure and inner peace as we drop into the attention to the body.  This transforms and expands our capacity to receive pleasure in all aspects of our lives.

A beautiful practice to anchor in more harmony and peace.

** This is the meditation from Session 1 of the ‘Love Your Vibe Process’  ***  Buy the book or even better join the online experience to immerse yourself in the entire journey ***


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