Nurturing (Divine Vibe)



It’s all about balance.  We tend to push and over work in our modern society.  This leads to burn out, dis-ease, stress and much more.  Why not just stop and take a moment to nurture yourself. As well as nurture the divine harmony of life into your system.

Through the power of breath and sound we learn how to build resilience and take command of our neurobiology in this powerful process fused with ancient wisdom and modern science.

In this hour experience you are guided to a hyper-conscious state that brings forward insight, inner wisdom and clear focus.  This is the advanced version of the soul-vibing process.  Details on how to do this process are outlined in the Love Your Vibe book. Or through the 7-session process.  There are subtle movements or pumps to activate your mirco-cosmic orbit energetic, as well as added toning in this process.  Be sure to have a solid foundation of the soul vibing process before embarking upon this journey.

Master the sense of being in yourself and you can access to a creative power beyond your wildest dreams.

** This is the meditation from Session 6 of the ‘Love Your Vibe Process’  ***  Buy the book or even better join the online experience to immerse yourself in the entire journey ***


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