Soul Vibing Talisman (SVT)


The Story of Creation Begins with You.

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Soul Vibing Talisman (SVT) – Used as a powerful tool to anchor in healing sound vibrations.  Created lovingly with pure intention, by local Sydney artist (Tammy deRon Cox ( & Simone Dennis ( )  and infused with channeled sounds.  Use to encourage your mind and body to vibrate with the frequency of your soul.


To activate simply hold in your hands during intention setting of the soul vibing sound journey ( MP3 of the journey is included with your purchase $30 Value).  Wear or place on the body to allow the frequencies unique to your journey to be infused.  Continue to wear/use throughout your day to connect with the vibrations it holds.  With intention and focus, you can recharge your SVT to adapt to your soul journey.


Each one of these talismans is infused with the vibrations from the divine harmony vibrational grid (pictured in the medallion).  The owner of this talisman holds a crystal synced to this grid and becomes a part of the grid holder community which has formed with the intention to bring divine harmony into all aspects of their lives and in essence the world around them.


We are holding a vision for 14th Oct 2022 to sit in a soul vibing experience broadcast worldwide of more than 50,000 SVT owners meditating and toning together to manifest divine harmony on the planet.


If you feel the calling to join this movement and become a part of this community and work toward aligning with a frequency of divine harmony simply purchase yours today.


** With the purchase of this talisman, You will gain access to all the healing wisdom and sound meditations on the facebook divine harmony vibrational grid community as well as additional MP3 Downloads to guide you through the vibrational soul vibing journey.


Love your Vibe, it will guide you
Matt , Tammy and Simone

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