psychedelic-audio-visulizationAs many of you know through the soul vibing (and now Divinely Deep Vibing) work we can travel to some weird, wacky inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional realms.

The combination of active breathing, energy locks and the channelled sounds can take you to some far out places.  For many it is a psychedelic experience, anything from aliens, angels, mermaids, actual hallucinations, talking to dead relatives and friends, spontaneous physical healings… and the list goes on.

I personally have been witness to some crazy experiences and often joke about my conversations with guides, and other spiritual beings.  (I suppose it’s my way of not feeling totally crazy.. oops too late!)

Anyway.. I have always pulled away from science and analysing what is actually happening and just wrote it off as divinely inspired experiences.  Until Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work opened me to the science behind his meditation work which synchronistically informed me why the soul vibing process can be a catalyst to these psychedelic experiences.

The key was specifically in how the breath is working to activate the pineal gland to release a blissful chemical cocktail into the brain and body resulting in the altered states we experience.

This insight inspired me to explore more about what is happening physiologically in the body and brain with other aspects of the process, which opened a wealth of knowledge about the healing power of sound!
(I could go on for days with the research of music and sound in the meantime.. more reading here and also this article here on benefits of sound)

What really blew my mind was a couple days ago I randomly clicked on link in facebook to an interview with the ice-man Wim Hof... Where is spoke about how DMT is released through the breathing process he does.  Interestingly enough this video dovetailed into an interview with Stanis Grof (the founder of Holotropic Breathwork) This guy took the work of Leonard Orr (founder of rebirthing) of which I have studied with and have based aspects of the Soul Vibing process off of his work ( as well as my mentor David Elliott)

Holy Hell.. did you follow that chain of connections?

Soooo.. stay with me .. this gets wicked!

There is this hypothesis that the pineal gland releases DMT (the spirit molecule found in many psychedelic drugs/medicines) It’s still not proven nor do many neuroscientists believe it is true.  It’s more psuedo-spiritual-science.

Along with this is the idea is that melatonin which IS actually produced from the pineal gland can be striped of its Co2 molecule resulting in DMT.  What I find interesting is that Wim Hof and Stanis Grof are working with Rick Strassman (author of the spirit molecule and creator of this hypothesis) suggesting that breathwork which depletes the body of Co2 causes the body to hunger for more Co2 to balance itself out in doing so it pulls from the melatonin released when the pineal gland is activated and results DMT in the body to produce these psychedelic altered states.

I don’t know about the validity of that science, but it’s interesting to think that this could be the reason behind why in the soul vibing process we are able to go into these altered healing states.

And to add another aspect into this idea.. I intuitively added the sound healing to the breathwork because it’s what felt right.. Guess what stimulates the release of more melatonin in the system?  Um yep.. Sound and Music.

So check it… (this is my pseudo science piggy backing off Rick Strassman)  The sounds and toning in the soul vibing process increase the melatonin in the body.  Then the breathing creates a depletion of Co2 in the body.  The body seeking to balance itself pulls the Co2 off the excess melatonin to result in more balanced oxygen/co2 levels and some free flowing DMT to create the altered states and off we go into La La land.

Could be true?  Regardless whether science can prove it or not we all know this shit works!  And I’m constantly astonished at what amazing journeys people go on through the process.  Maybe some day we will have a greater understanding about how the power of breath and sound work to access the metaphysical aspect of our self

Until we do.. I’m going to keep trusting the intuitive guidance and keep sharing the work.  Perhaps, I’ll find ways to stimulate melatonin levels  during the process… maybe add some actual melatonin supplements to the mix.  (prob will all end up asleep!)

What do you think?  (any science junkies out there?)
See you in the vibes.
With Love,

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