listen-treesThings have been busy.  I’m sure you have seen some of my emails zipping past about the events that are happening and hopefully have joined in the vibes along the way?

And as I plan the upcoming months I’ve just taken a moment to realise how quickly this year is sliding by.  Here we are at the middle of the year already!  Clicking into the winter solstice with the shortest day.  As nature tells us this is the time to go inside and gather our energy for the blooming to happen in the spring.

I’ve always had a close relationship to nature being lucky enough to grow up in a small town in middle america where we could ride our bikes for hours around the block and get lost in the depths of the ravine stretching around the edge of the neighbouring golf course, the main hazard on the 9th hole, which claimed many golf balls for us to scurry through the brush finding only to re-sell to the golfers at the club house upon the completion of their round.  (Perhaps a bit of real life business school as a kid, in some ways I’m still selling ‘balls’ back to people.. ba ha ha)

Anyway it’s not about the balls. It was the hours and hours we spent lost in the woods.  Searching, building forts, playing in the creek, or laying on the dirt gazing at the light filtering through the trees. It was my favourite place to get lost as a kid and even now when things are challenging and off balance I find my footing once again in the harmony of nature.

Nature always sang to me and soothed my worries.  there is a great quote from “The Power of One” where Doc says to Peekay “Any question you ever have, the answer you will find in Nature – if you know where to look, and how to ask. And then you will have for yourself all the brains that have ever been.”  That has stayed with me for years as it spoke a deep truth that I had experienced time and again.

When I was working in my computer job in Los Angeles, unfulfilled, confused and seeking something more, I would escape in the santa monica mountains just up from my office to play guitar to the birds during my lunch break.  Most days two hawks would circle above me as if dancing to the music.

Sometimes smaller birds would land close to me and sing through their eyes and gestures.  And on rare days a deer would find it’s way through the grass or a coyote would happen along as surprised to see me as I was to see him. each time the animal or even the trees would sing the wisdom to answer the questions I pondered about life, love, purpose and passion.

Looking back I can see how we were singing to each other, me playing guitar and them responding with their song. I’m taken back there often as these nature spirits often speak through the sounds in the soul vibing journey.

Perhaps that is one level that we connect to in the workshops, As we seem to have lost that connection, many of us, as we zip through our life and function outside the realm of natures pace.

We seem to have forgotten to listen to the vast knowledge and wisdom this harmonic system is singing to us everyday.  And we are so practiced at ignoring our mother earth how could we even begin to hear her cries? (that’s another email completely)

I say let’s take a moment today to stop and listen to nature.  In fact pose a question to her before you leave home and watch as she reveals the answer to you through a bird, a bee, a falling leaf or a soft kiss of wind across your face. As we do this we connect to the harmonic vibration of who we innately are and begin to create a sacred relationship to the world around us.

This is what the ancients knew and what we need to rediscover as a society.  Ours and her survival depends on it.  (shit I didn’t realise this was going to be a tree hugging email.. but there you go.)

If you want to explore this relationship more with me and dive into the depths of nature to hear her sing while regaining your balance, slowing down and rejuvenating yourself.. join me on the day retreat next month.

With Love,
Matt (aka Nature Boy, HA!)

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