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How much time have you spent folded upon yourself pretending to be comfortable hiding in the field of budding humans?  Are you shying away from the maturity of blossoming into the multicoloured uniqueness that you are?  If so you’re not alone we are all seeking to know ourselves better.. Even WikiHow has a 15 step process on how to find yourself. (it has some good suggestions)

I eluded to my theme for 2015 in the last email as; Know you, Be you, Do you!

What I didn’t say is how I came to this, which I will share my journey over the next few weeks… Or how accomplish this?

Aside from WikiHow’s 15 steps.  The focus of the soul vibing process has evolved deeper into a heart vibration.  I am integrating processes and techniques which have carried me into a deeper understanding of what is calling me forward in my life over the last few months and stepping into a whole new paradigm of healing with sound, which I want to share with you all.

I am holding the space for a group of 13 people to come together on a monthly basis to be inspired, supported and open more deeply in relationship with their soul.  Which is why I’ve called it the Journey to Your Soul.   It’s half full already so Reserve Your Ticket to Your Soul before it books up.

If you are just too busy as many of us are COME ANYWAY! lol.. just kidding.  I have many events schedule in the next month to give you a chance to dive into this new vibration. Check out the upcoming events.

It takes vigilance and commitment to Know you,Be you and
Do you.  Let’s do it together it’s more fun!
With Love,  Matt


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