riverwisdomHave you ever felt like your brain was sunburnt?

That’s what I felt after coming out of 2015.  It was a cracker of a year.  I was doing 3 events or more a week and traveling out of state once a month.  It was a full on explosion of sound healing. (borderline sound abuse..lol)

I’m so grateful for all of it, but at the same time I burnt out.  As I mentioned in my last email my heart was not aligned to motivate new years intentions.  I was disconnected from myself and my soul song.  The only way I know how to resolve something like that was to drop into the ultimately connected place of nature.

I packed my car and headed for the unplug in Bellingen. I spent 5 days on the river there kicking back with my mozzie net and just letting myself recharge. ( I almost didn’t come back)

I would wade out to a rock that was partially submerged and sit on it to mediate and tone into my body.  It was the most amazing thing to observe the sounds in nature and tap into the rhythm of the cicada in harmony with the wind while the rolling water poured over my body washing away the year.

As the emotions released, the thoughts subsided and I found my wholeness again i could feel my awareness reach into the surrounding trees and dive deep into the water that had been rolling across that river bed for ages.  And knowing that water has memory (discovered in these experiments from the University of Stuttgart) I allowed myself the time to absorb the vibrations of all the wisdom flowing past me.

It was like being plugged into the vortex of life.  It’s hard to explain but I came to this place of feeling the interconnectedness of all things.  This thriving vibration of life that resonants through all nature.

And opened into this place where the boundaries of form subsided, time vanished and I was present in this soup of vibrations.  The trees merged into the sky and the branches dissolved into the river.  The roots enmeshed in the earth as a kaleidoscope of grounding vibes.

I had been here before in the jungles of peru and on the camino de Santiago ( a pilgrimage across Spain)  So it was familiar, but for the first time I was able to layer my experience of sound healing upon this awareness.  This was the vibration of wholeness.  The source of being.

And from here my struggle from last year was non-existant.  My anxiety of this upcoming year and the pressure of what was ahead had no pull on me.  I was free and connected.

Home again.

This is what we forget about in our western world of external focus at a mind numbing pace. I was at peace and ready for what was to come.  I felt this inner knowing that I was complete here and time to head home. Time to make manifest 2016

That was almost two weeks ago and since then I have been working from a place of that vibration.  I have been writing a book about the wisdom of sound healing and designing my upcoming workshops from this place.

It is my intention to maintain this interconnected awareness through out the year and share it with as many people as possible.

Let’s rock into the vibrations of wholeness for 2016

With Love, Matt

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