When I conceived the soul vibing process 10 years ago.. or more accurately ‘channelled’ it through. I was not aware of the depth of wisdom that was embedded in it. A few thousand clients later over a handful of countries, I am completely humbled by being the custodian of this work, which I have seen transform people’s life’s beyond what I could ever imagine.  (definitely not something I could take credit for)

After this decade of exploring and sharing the work, I believe I’m finally starting to understand the expansiveness of this process. However some of it I don’t think I ever will understand.

I realised today in an insight through my morning practice, that creating visions, setting goals, and intentions can never truly embody what our soul desires to manifest and experience in life for the simple fact that the mind and emotion that are setting this intention are skewed from the divine forces inspiring it.  We can only ever catch a glimpse of the divine nature of things, and in fact it’s a oversimplified and narrow-minded glimpse at that.

We only see a fragmented perception of the divine reality that is.

Just like making a decision, taking action or choosing partners, friends, careers, and so forth in our life.  We can only every move forward based on the part of the information we perceive.  This part is filtered through our story, our experience and what we ‘want’ to see.  This also is skewed based on what others and the world chooses to share with us.  Therefore we never make a fully informed and clear decision in our life.

Nor can we ever set goals, and intentions, completely aligned with our divine self based on our fragmented interpretation of this divinity.

Realising this allows us to relinquish the grasp we have on the course we are taking and feel in control of.  The key then is to put our intention out there and let it go.

This allows the space for the divine to inspire, guide and move through us. It gives that larger part of us the opportunity to fill in the gaps.  To correct the misconceptions and offer a greater more aligned vision, intention, and goal than we can through our own perception.  And most of the time this aligned direction comes into manifestation much more effectively and efficiently.

I believe this is where we go in the soul vibing process.. We let go of our skewed perception and create space beyond intention, beyond vision, beyond our limited self into the vibration of the soul.. hence the name “soul vibing”

something divine is always singing its song to us.  We can either tune into it or play our own self-justified song over the top of it.  One is much more harmonious than the other.

I choose harmony… a divine harmony… what do you hear?

Love your vibe,

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