byron spiritThank you to everyone who supported me on my Tour-de-Gong. The journey has wrapped up coming full circle back into Sydney.  The opportunity to share the healing sounds at Yoga For All in Newcastle,  One Conscious Breath in Coffs Harbour,  and at Byron Spirit Festival was much more insightful and amazing than I had imagined.

I was blessed to be welcomed by loving people and supportive communities at each venue.  To me this is what true spirituality is about, embracing the wholeness of our unique expression and accepting of all other expressions around us to create a collaborative symphony of life together.  The only way we can get to this is to have complete awareness of our motivations, desires, and all aspects of ourselves.

Many times those of us that traverse the spiritual path can fall into a spiritual bypass of Self-absorption instead of the journey of Self-transcendence.  In self-absorption we create the guru/disciple scenario where one is exalted by the disempowered collective.

We must ask ourselves is my journey on this spiritual path a preoccupation with myself or a self-transcending openness to being?  In there lies the key to creating ‘the new earth’

In essence the only way to re-connect in our modern personally disconnected world is to re-connect to the wholeness of our self.  This is why a spiritual practice of sound healing, breath, meditation, yoga, mindfulness or whatever you find connects you to the spiritual whole, is so important.

We build a bridge from physical limited duality to spiritual expanded wholeness and allow our physical life to be infused with spirit.

Happy Transcen-dance!  :p

With Love,  Matt

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