ferrisI was blessed last weekend to spend 3 days in the heart of Bellingen learning to make my first didjeridoo! This in itself is something that I have wanted to explore for some time.

However the magic of this experience was found in spending time in this small shed at the edge of this open property away from it all, in the company of master didj maker Jesse Lethbridge

He opened his home, his heart and his wisdom to me. We spent three days chiseling, shaping, sanding and creating these sonic tubes by hand and philosophising about life, love and spirit.

Aside from a new appreciation about the making of a didjeridoo. It was a repair shop for my older didj and djembe (ready for the road) and more importantly a much needed healing retreat for my heart and head.

You all have seen my emails, tours and events flicking through your inbox, facebook and instagram accounts over the last year as things grow exponentially, which is great!

However, with all this going on and the life changing transitions behind the scenes with my own life. I have not turned the healing vibes inward since my vision quest in May.

So Where does the healer go for healing?  Hmmm apparently Bellingen to make a didj. 😉

I won’t bore you with a long drawn out newsletter about my challenges and story because that’s what I do most of the time… LOL…

Seriously though,  The time in Bellingen allowed me to step out of the “gong guru’ image and be present with Jesse.  Just two dudes making didjs, no expectations, nothing.. Just enjoying life, sun and laughs.

I find myself sitting on the ‘Gong Guru’ pedestal more and more these days as the work grows. Although I say time and time again, that you are your own guru.  That I’m just helping you find the healing within yourself.  It seems that the steps down off this ‘guru’ stage are vanishing and I’m losing myself behind this mask.  That doesn’t excite me.

So I’m turning the table and stepping down for a moment.

What excites me is getting to know you all at a deeper level. Like any relationship if it was all about me it would be really boring and not last very long.  ( hmmmm.. I should take notes)

So…I”m curious to hear from you all!  Share with me your secrets of living a blissful, balanced, love-filled life.  I’m sure there is heaps of wisdom out there, I’m feeling it’s time for me to start to listen and create a more interactive experience in these newsletters.

I have set down my big gong mallet and am handing it over.  Share with me what you love about this work,  what you’d like to see evolve through the work, secrets to living life, your wins, your insights, your visions, your journey, or just say hello.

I want to know who this is going to and how it’s being received. Instead of just a number in an emails in a list…  Who is on the other side of this newsletter?  Talk to me 😉

With love
Matt xx

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