2015 is ticking by rather quickly. Are you staying focused on your vision for the year?

I have to admit it’s been a explosive year for me with the online course developing, the north coast tour to byron spirit, new workshops, a community building to over a thousand peeps, with many more trips and retreats unfolding and that’s just from a biz stand point. Other areas of my life have had explosive growth as well.  HOWEVER…

I’ll be honest the last few weeks I’ve experienced a few glitches in the journey.  The Gong isn’t vibing as clearly as it was a couple months ago.

As I assess the situation I realised that I was moving so quickly the last 3 months that I lost sight of my vision that I clearly focused on at the end of last year.  My New Years Intention for 2015 was cloudy and my mind, emotions and overall state of being was out of focus as well.  ANYONE ELSE FEELING THIS?

Taking heed of my own advice, I reluctantly unplugged and dropped into my regular practice of sound, breath, nature, baths and meditation. Oh and found this great video from Abraham which was exactly what I needed to hear.

This all led me to observe how depleted I was and how it was time to recharge, refocus and recalibrate to move things forward in the next few months.  I was not taking the time to as Rumi Says, ‘Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.’  I was on the survival pace disconnected from myself.  It’s a constant journey isn’t it?

I find myself on the upward spiral once again.  I am feeling pumped about where things are going and the world around me is reflecting this with some divinely timed wins! (more on these coming soon… woot woot!)

To Keep us all focused and on pace with our visions, we’ve got the new moon vibes coming in this weekend. A great time to refocus and get clear on what seeds you want to plant for the upcoming months (years) harvest.

We’ll be at Dharma Shala in Bondi on Saturday

And Be Still in Brookvale on Sunday

SAVE YOUR SPOTS (Limited Space)

If you can’t make it this weekend, get those vision boards out, drop into what your heart is calling forward and take the time to get clear.  The pain will push until the vision pulls… I’ve had enough pain in my life ready for some major pulls… what do you think?

Know you,
Be You,
Do You…
With Love,  Matt

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