light withinHere comes the winter solstice.  So what the hell does that mean?  If you’re astronomically focused it’s when the southern hemisphere is furtherest from the sun, therefore creating the longest night of the year before we journey back to the light.

Merge that into self-developmental and it could be viewed metaphorically as a time when we are furtherest from our own inner light. An opportunity to explore the inner darkness and peel back any layers of resistance to allowing illumination of the soul. A time to start our own inner journey back to the light and let our light shine <— ((don’t miss that link, real sound healing indeed!))

Or it could just mean that we are at a turning point in one of natures cycles?  Which I prefer to lean into since it’s much less dramatic and is in alignment with an insight I had last week.

I found myself on the depressed and exhausted end of things.  I judged it, analysed it and tried to power through it.  Things just seemed to take a stand still.  I was stuck!  Then a colleague of mine said, “sometimes I wake up and feel depressed and flat and accept that day as a day to be flat.  Then on other days I wake up and am ready to take on the world so I take on the world.” (or something to that effect)

Needless to say, it was what I needed to hear. Accept where you are and honour the cycles of life, all life.  If we look to nature we see the waves ebb and flow,  the tides rise and fall, animals migrate with the seasons, some hibernate, and on the list can go on observing the cycles of life. With each phase of the cycle it is honoured and embraced as an integral part of the whole.

Which regardless of how many technological advances we invent we are still a part of this wholeness, and immersed in the cyclical life around us.  Something to remember as we come to the furthest point away from the sun our source of life.

Perhaps it’s a good time to take an inner inventory and ask ourselves, “where are we not honouring the natural cycles of our own life journey?”  Could it be that we don’t have to push and judge and chastise ourself for not being blissful and bouncing everyday?

What if we just accepted where we were in each moment.. what then?

Close Your Eyes, Fall in Love, Stay there – Rumi
With Love,

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