This is a poem that I was inspired to write after a healing journey.  It’s not your usual sound healing post.   But, I feel it was important to share not only because it speaks to me but I hope that it may inspire you to listen to your soul song in what ever form it may manifest.  We are multidimensional beings with many gifts to share.  When we touch that place of inspiration within ourselves if we don’t share it, it will be lost… So with the intention to open the door to many more soul songs.  Here is my poem:

The Eagle’s Dance

As I walked through the field of gold, the passing grain caressed my soul

I felt her wings embrace my heart. The eagle emerging from the dark

I softly touched not grabbing tight, For who’s to claim the eagles flight?

But with the wind she danced with me soaring, shaping our destiny.

I held my ground and stayed strong until her spiraling wings unbound

My caged heart afraid to love. For a moment I lifted up

To find I am but a man, confined to earth no wings just hands.

I thought I heard the eagle sing, “Together we will fulfill our dreams.”

But then the rock pierced my heart before this romance could even start.

And I find myself alone again in the field where nothing ends.

Grain by grain my hand slides past, waiting for the eagle’s dance.

A breath of hope slides across my face.  I feel I’m standing before grace

The sun peeks round the clouds warmth thawing, my heart is found

A soothing touch over the scars, I turn to see the eagle’s arms

As she plants her feet by mine, Twisting, turning to divine.

We breathe as one inhaling life, falling, folding into the night.

A silent stillness timeless trance.   In the field the eagles dance

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