joy-quote1I was driving to the mall for the third time this week.  After vowing to myself that I will not venture into such stressful, chaotic situations. (and with two kids to top it off!!)

As I pulled into the carpark and I watched one person after another pushing overflowing trolleys of gifts, weaving between cars seeking a single free car spot.  The kids still screaming frozen’s “let it go” after 3 freaking years of that movie’s release.   I had to take a breath and sigh, thinking to myself, really?  Is this really what the holidays are all about.  Is this really what life has become?

A quick “absolutely not” filled my head in response. Followed by a fleeting phrase.  “No, It’s about the experience.” And as I climbed from level, 2, to 3 to 4 and up the final ramp to the rooftop parking where I squeezed in the smallest spot ever.  The wisdom behind that phrase started to land.

Life is all about the experience.  It can’t be about what you get or give.  As all the material things come and go and eventually you leave them all behind anyway.  It can’t be about your body, as that too ages and eventually gives out.  It can’t be about the partner, lover, friends, kids, or any of the people in your life because they’re not yours and are on their own journey, which definitely won’t be leading to exit with you to the other side. (at least not in physical form)

But the experiences of these things, (giving and receiving), the body itself feeling life through it and in relation to the experience of all the people throughout our life, these things will go on forever.

The experiences have no form so they’re not bound by the physical,  they can be remembered or dreamt about and inspire the same feeling within you so they aren’t bound by time.  And they happen in an instant that once passed will never happen again in the same way so you are forced to be detached to the experience.

Which if you focus solely on the experience you ultimately create a freedom in life as you are not bound by the pain of holding onto something impermanent, which is all of physical life we see it around us.  “Let it go… Let it go” the kids scream from the back seat (for the thousandth time)

So in essence the secret to living free and joyously is letting go of the physical manifestation of life itself and focusing on the experience of life.

Which leads me to the gift of giving. in that we all know, it’s not so much the gift but the experience of giving and receiving the gift, which creates an internal shift within yourself.  as Khalil Gibran says, “There are those who give with joy and that joy is their reward.”

So True… Sit with that for a moment….

Give with joy and the joy is the reward. It’s not so much what you give or even what you do in your life (the physical representation of it), but where you are in yourself when you do it (the experience of it).  Because that vibrational feeling tone of the experience you are having is what you become and what is coming right back to you!  And not only will it come back to you it will be something you can carry with you forever.

That’s what I mean by getting into the vibes!  Be the vibes.  Oh this is going to be a good year, I can feel it already…

And my gift for all you vibers out there is this short video to experience the power of intention and vibration in your life.  (if you have been to the soul vibing experience recently you’ll recognise this one.)

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and the audio of actually process without me waffling on

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merry xmas, happy new gong year,
see you in the 2017 vibes
lots of love

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