The Gong Guru – Behind the Gong

“Matt’s has many healing gifts. He was warm, intuitive, comforting, supportive and inspiring. His ability to listen and guide and allow us to be is unique and invaluable. I would recommend this work to anyone from anywhere.”

Hoby Butchart – (Photographer)

Matt Omo is often called The Gong Guru.

This title is said to come from the fact Matt is a leader in the sound healing movement in Australia.

Matt’s intention is for people to open up and experience themselves at a more profound and spiritual level. He believes that through the power of sound, we can go to many places in colour, shape, and form.

Sound healing is about letting go of the resistance you have in yourself as a human body, both from a mental and physical state. The Gong Guru believes when this resistance is opened up, we can harness our energy, working with sound and breath.

Inspired by life’s challenges

Matt is an intuitive guide, who can help you on this journey. Part of the reason he is well renowned is due to his passion and dedication to sound therapy. And like those seeking more out of life, Matt has gone through struggles too. After losing his mother at a young age, he turned to drugs, and sex as a way to run away from these emotions. When spending time in Los Angelos, he wanted to become enthralled with music. However, little did he know his calling was music not from the typical sense of playing in a band, instead it was based on sound heal practices.

By bringing in Indigenous culture and Tibetan bowls, The Gong Guru, inspired by global influences, fully intends to share this gift of healing with the world.

We can all reconnect on a physical and mental level. Through the power of sound, we can help become relaxed, feel less stressed and react differently to the challenges life throws at us.

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