root of attachmentThe other day at office works I was pulling out of my car spot when a young guy in a brand new Mercedes pulled toward me.  There wasn’t enough room for us both to fit through so instead of waiting he nudged his way up and held his ground.

I reversed back and let him turn to pull into my spot.  He hardly smiled and apparently was nervous about his car getting a scratch or dent as he moved very slowly into the parking spot.  What he didn’t notice was the high curb at the front left of his car that he was swerving toward as he backed in.

I wasn’t sure if it scuffed the bumper or not but it made a loud scratching sound and he lost his shit. Slamming the steering wheel, red faced and swearing apparently at him self since he was the only one who could hear the shouting closed up in his Mercedes bubble.

I smiled and tried not to laugh but just had to.  It was too funny.  He was focused and so worried about scratching his ride that he did just that.  And so attached to it that he pumped his body full of stress in reaction to it hitting the curb.

It really stuck with me over the rest of the day.  I suppose sometimes we have experiences in life that are actually metaphorical teachers helping us gain wisdom to our own inner landscape.  (or perhaps I’m just a deep mo-fo? Ba ha ha)

It got me thinking how attached I am to the things in my life and how ridiculous it actually is.  In the end we take nothing.  I remember Wayne Dyer used to say he kept a jacket with the pockets cut out in his closet to remind him he didn’t take anything with him.

And if I look at it deeper, all the struggle, all the pain, all the challenges that I have perpetuated in my life.  They can all be attributed to the attachment I’ve have with this world.  Whether in physical things, people, relationships, success, roles I’ve played, beliefs I’ve held, and memories I’ve tried to recreate.  And over time these attachments become my identity and ultimately the barometer to my self-value if I let them.  Quite a disempowered place to live, indeed!

So… what would I be left with if I dropped it all?

Just letting it all go.

I say this all the time in the soul vibing sessions.  “Breath and Surrender.   It’s safe to let go. “ Time to take my own advice.

The last month I have been letting go of my attachment to some false ways of being in my life.  Embracing a more authentic verison of myself.  And in essence just LET IT GO!

And as I do I find that I am able to hold so much more within myself.

Perhaps I’d call it an unbounded love, a infinite consciousness, an eternal bliss or a sense of interconnectedness with all that was, is or ever will be.

Or maybe just the effing essence of life?

And from here I gain access to my expanded self , my authentic soul vibration.  The part of myself that cannot be tarnished by anything external.

That place I arrive at when journeying in the sounds.  That moment when a stillness falls over the room.  A point when I am sometimes drawn to open my eyes to check that I am actually in a body, with a group of people in a room. And not some amorphic ever expanding vibration..

You know what I mean?

So chill out , let go of those attachments (post me the keys to the Mercedes) and come join me in the sounds when you’re ready to explore your amorphic nature a bit deeper.. lol

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” Rumi.

With love, Matt xx

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