vibemomentI’ve been getting many people commenting on how many events I’m doing lately.

And yes there is an ongoing calendar ticking through 2 to 3 Soul Vibing events a week.  These being one off stand alone events that are powerful in their own right.

Yet, what creates a momentum is when I get to do them regularly and those that are committed to regular monthly even fortnightly vibes in collaboration with their own daily practice through the Soul Vibing CD or on their own are making significant leaps in embracing their ability to transcend duality and become a vibrational reality.

On the surface you can come to an event dip your toe in and view it from the perspective of the sounds alone and be like,  “Yeah cool, right, those were some wicked crystal bowls or didj or gong that dropped me into this blissed out state and it felt so relaxing.”

AND there is a whole other level to the wisdom behind the soul vibing process than just a sound bath to relax your mind.  The Soul Vibing Process was designed to align you to resonant to the vibration of your soul. (hence the name…  Soul Vibing.. )  My intention is to bring the sacredness back to sound and a voice to that which is silence.  (what the hell does all that mean, right?)

You see everything is vibration or sound.  Creation is vibration and vibration is sound. Creation is sound!

It seems that, that idea is becoming cliché.  What does it really mean and how does knowing that impact our lives?

Stay with me….

Everything in the physical world is in vibration.  Our feelings are measurable vibrations resonating out of us.  Just as our thoughts, which become beliefs are measurable vibrations and even our physical body is not solid; the kidneys, heart, lungs, every part of our body has it’s own unique vibration.

We are a culmination of vibrations.  We are a vibrational manifestation of our soul.  WE ARE OUR SOUL SONG!  (yep.. you are freaking divine! Own it! )

These vibrations are emanating into the world and we in turn interpret these vibrations through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch etc. So in essence we are vibrational receivers as well as vibrational broadcasters.  We are both the radio and the radio station.

Yet we are conditioned to focus on the receiving of the vibrations and often forget we are broadcasting at the same time.  Through the soul vibing process we take our focus away from the receiving of the external vibrations.  Turn in and amplify our broadcasting capabilities as well as expand into the source of which all vibration emerges.  Divinity, God, Zero Point.. call it what you will, in this space all duality subsides, all needs desires and goals a met instantaneously for we become one with the eternal consciousness of all that is, was, or ever will be.

Can you feel the vastness of this?  This is the truth of yourself.

And From here we focus or attention with intention (thoughts and feelings = vibrations) into form.

We broadcast the inspiration of the vibration we focus upon into a vibrational reality that ultimately manifests in physical reality.  Instead of looking at the physical reality as a solid structure we must manipulate and change to shift the vibration that we hold ( our thoughts and feelings)  in essence we flip from physical to vibrational and embody the power of creation.

With practice we let go of the struggle and striving our material world and realize that we are vibrations, creating with vibration, living in vibration and able to shift our reality as easily as a radio scans the frequencies of radio stations.

The purpose of soul vibing and the work I do is to bring this awareness.  To give a tangible experience that the vibration of creation lives with in us, is us and flows through us.  This is the sacredness of sound!

If we embody this sacredness of sound we can then give voice to that which is silenced in our relationships, career, finances, and all aspects of our lives!

Be the vibration you want to see in the world!

See you in the vibes.
With Love,

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