beyond-duality-ute-posegga-rudelAs a result of the Paris attacks. It feels like there is a strong dichotomy of war and peace or love and hate coming forward. We are all perpetuating separation.  Even by sending love and light to Paris we are in separation.  For in that stance we hold the idea that there is something broken that needs to be fixed.  Something hateful that requires love.  A separation.

I’m not condoning any of the violence or taking an apathetic airy fairy approach to it all.. We need to be pro-active and loving to change things in the physical world. However, I feel it’s just as important if not more important to have awareness about where we are within ourselves mentally, and emotionally when we take action.

In the sound healing workshops this weekend there were new sounds coming through to the point that the instruments, especially the heart bell, sounded completely different.  A couple regular clients came up and asked what the cool new instrument was that I played.  It was the same bell I’ve been playing for years!  (usually, I’m the only one observing the weird shit.. lol)

And with these new sounds came some new information. I heard as clear as if someone was standing next to me whispering in my ear, “We need to rise above the perception of duality and embrace the wholeness of our higher self. In doing so we shift to a unified state of being.”

As these words came forward it was like I was like someone was adjusting my vibrational radio dial. I started to feel this sense of wholeness or completeness like never before. (maybe it was the cocao seeds kicking in? hmmm)

There is place beyond duality that we can resonant with.  And that if we are able to rise to this frequency we can begin to shift the separation and embrace unity.  We literally shift to a more unified state of being.

As soon as I grasped this idea of transcending duality I began to see it everywhere.  And have been clicking into this feeling of wholeness within myself as I travel through my day.

It changes everything!

Like in the moment when the receptionist at the health clinic today was particularly abrasive and cranky.  I watched how the people in the room were responding.  In a matter of minutes she had upset the half dozen people in the room in one way or another.

These interactions were mirroring the duality.  She was labelled as a beatch or negative and the people of the room were felt self-righteous in labelling her because they were loving positive people that didn’t deserve to be treated that way.  Right and wrong, good and evil, it’s everywhere we look.

But what happened as I observed this and held the intention to transcend the duality was confirmation that I was onto something powerful.

I thought to myself.  There must be a reason this woman is cranky and I can either judge, react and take a side or step above the duality.

I asked myself, “How can I bring more wholeness to this experience?”

That was all it took for me to click into the vibration of wholeness within myself. As I held myself in wholeness I began to see her as someone whole as well.  That she was just holding onto the shadow side of herself and pushing away the light so to speak. (or in other words, choosing to be a cranky beatch instead of a loving soul)

I almost fell on my butt when within seconds she smiled at me. And then I could see her body soften and her demeanour shift. It was as if the pushing against sides was released and we aligned to wholeness between us.

Could it be that simple?

Perhaps it is. I’ve been playing with it all day and am blown away at how it shifts things.

I am really curious to hear what you all feel? I invite you to explore this vibration of wholeness within yourself.

It’s simple just ask yourself, “How do I bring more of my wholeness into the world?” or some variation. Just play with it.

With love, Matt xx

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