This Community is designed to help you bring more harmony and bliss to your life by building Awareness, Connection and Resilience

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Join us for our powerful “Reconnected” Retreats and really make a powerful impact in your life.

STARTS 24th Sept – Matt is bringing his big gong and crystal bowls to your bedroom.   

To help gain clarity, release stress, let go of fear and ultimately create more resilience in your life to life you out of the threats of our modern world

Monthly sessions to keep your your bliss levels popping, panic levels down, resilience high   GET INTO THE VIBES TODAY!

Over the last six months I have been working hard with these incredible souls.  (Guy Lawrence and Petra Brzovic)  to create a powerful online community and impactful retreats.  The majority of my work is merging with the “Live in Flow” movement so get on over and check out what we are creating.  LIVE IN FLOW…