vision questLast week I experienced one of the most challenging and profound journey’s of my life.  I was on a traditional Lakota Vision Quest. The crux of this seven day inner exploration was four days and nights sitting on the earth with no food and no water bound in a two by three meter plot of land surrounded by 405 prayer ties each created with heartfelt intention and heaps of support.

Thanks to all those that supported me on this endeavour.  It was definitely not a solo journey!

I wish I could sum it up in a profound way to share the depth of insight and healing I gained, but as I know from past experiences of this magnitude it will take me months if not years to process that which has shifted.  And then it will be something unique to me that will only be shared to the depth that I can integrate it in my life and share it through my life expression.

All the time sitting and being did give me much needed clarity on what is important in my life.  I would say I learnt at a cellular level the insignificance of the individual and the immense unbounded power of life.  Where life is found in everything from the rocks that jabbed at my bum and back while trying to relax my chattering brain, to the birds that swooped my ears and rested on my shoulder, to the wind that chilled my spine, to the star reflecting infinity from light years away.

It’s all life… and life.. meaning that from the smallest quantum blip to the largest universal hum they are living breathing beings.  This visual of our solar system in spiral kind of brings it home for me. Check this out.

And from that spiral of life..we have emerged.  We exist within it as it and are it.  If you follow me?  (Like I said encapsulating what I’m feeling in words is next to impossible)

I can say that the way the sounds will be coming through my healing work and the way my my life is evolving from this point has just been uplifted to something larger, more exciting, inspiring and expansive than I could have ever imagined.

I know this will unfold through the collaboration of all of us as we let go of the challenges, fears, doubts, and restrictions and just focus ‘soul-ly’ (exclusively) on that which brings more aliveness to our hearts.

I can assure you many more stories and insights to this journey through my emails and workshops.. for now I’ll leave you with a small poem that can through as I dropped into the pace of the sun and moon moving across the sky for the 100 hrs of stillness.

May your life be like the Sun and warm millions of Hearts.
May you make choices for the ones that have yet to be born.
And then Mother can Breath again.
And then Spirit can Sing again.
And then We can Dance again… For we are One… One.. One.

See you all soon at some of the upcoming events… so I can share these new vibes with you xxx

Know you,
Be You,
Do You…
With Love,  Matt

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