allenoughHave you ever given your all and had your sights so clearly set on what you dream yet it doesn’t become a reality?  And have you pushed and pushed to make it a reality only to find it still doesn’t happen?

I’ve been there many times in my life and in fact I’m now excited when I get there.  I used to get all worked up and frustrated and push to make things happen.  But there is a fine line between pushing too much and doing everything you can.  (And on the other side I think a lot of airy fairy folk tend to error too much on divine timing or let go and trust mentality without putting in the initial effort but don’t get me started on the spiritual bypass rant)

What I’m looking at here is, I don’t believe giving your all is ever enough, Never!

WTF that sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it.  You’re supposed to work hard, make things happen, give your all and you will succeed. (insert any motivational quote

The thing is these quotes, this drive is fueled by ego.  And as Wayne Dyer used to say, “Ego is an acronym for Edging God Out.”  In other words when you give your all you are giving all that you as an isolated individual have.  In your struggle and effort you cut yourself off from the greatest resource you have, your soul, your source, universal energy, (I’d say GOD but it would freak too many people out.. if soul and spirit hasn’t ha ha)

I remember hearing this analogy of being in a pool with a beach ball.  And you swim vigorously toward it trying to catch it yet it moves away on the splashing waves and slips out from your grasp as you lunge toward it.  If you are able to be in the water and relax, sliding toward it with ease you will eventually be able to wrap your arms around it and hold it.  (the ball being the goal of course for those as thick as I am)

Letting go is the most important part of creating anything.  Yet I believe exhausting all resources and options is first and foremost without exhausting yourself and taking yourself out of balance with the large expanded source of yourself.

For that expanded self is linked to the infinite consciousness of all things, has access to everything that was, is or will be, is infused with the creative force that births universes. And when you are aligned it breaths inspiration into your life.  It brings with it a force so great that you gasp as you witness it’s creative potential making manifest that which you dream, desire or want.

I get to that point with each workshop and with most of my big dreams just before they become a reality.  That I feel i’ve done everything I can.  I look from every angle, pull on every resource and hit a spot where I can say, I’ve done all I can possibly do from this point right now and I’ve got to let it go.

In that moment I feel a release of weight off my shoulders, I kick back and trust it’s happening, and almost every time a new inspiration of what I can do next comes forward, someone enters my life that has the answer, the sea parts, clouds clear.. (okay being dramatic now) you get it, right.

And often, that something I was striving for will never come yet something far greater does. Which if i continued to cling to the idea of what was suppose to be I would never have created space for something more.

Next time you have a dream, give it your all, then step back and know that your all is never enough as you let go and (don’t say it..) let God… (shit it slipped out)  Just go for it, let it go and see what happens.

See you in the vibes
With Love,

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