einsteinI’m loving the pace that things are flowing into my life at the moment.  I had this insight that I’ve been diving into the last week that I just had to share.

In the workshops we are working more with group sound and the power of intentional vibration.  (let’s see if I can lay this down in a five minute blurb so not to lose your attention.. it’s only the secret of the universe, yo!)

I’ve been saying the last year or five to ‘Sing your Soul Song’  even did a course in there at one point called soul expression with that as the tagline. (feels so cliche now.. lol)

The thing is in that statement is a sense of waiting, listening and doing something.  Which I’m realising pushes against our resistance we have in place to doing the things we dream to do.

In essence if your tap of creative flow is blocked putting more pressure behind it won’t necessarily unclog it.  In fact it may just put more pressure on you and cause a breakdown instead of a breakthrough.

Now what if the tap was never blocked to begin with, we just imposed a self block by putting our finger over it and closing it off.  The only thing in the way is you and how you are holding yourself against the flow of your higher self.  (a bit of dr. suess channelling there… “you are you that’s truer than true…HA!)

You see your soul is singing all the time.  That is the nature of creation.  All creation is vibration… Your thoughts are vibrations, your feelings are vibrations, even your physical body is a symphony of vibrations.

The issue is our sound system to play these vibrations through is jacked up or tuned to the wrong channel.  If you don’t have the right wattage for your speakers (self-expression) to handle the vibes coming through or the PA system is a cheap knock off from china that fizzzles out when you crank the volume then you aren’t going to be singing that soul song to it’s full expression.

The truth is you are the physical vibrational expression of your soul song already.  

You are your soul song, you don’t need to sing it.  It is singing you!  

The issue is you are not completely tuned to to it and a lot of noise comes through the channel.  This tuning happens based on where you are vibrationally, which is the sum total of your thoughts and feelings.  So the pressure from having to ‘sing your soul song’ created more distortion and noise.  (Not going get clarity in that)

Now, Do you feel the difference in tweaking that statement “Sing your soul Song” to “You are Your Soul Song”?

Really feel into that.  Sit with.  And you will find that the latter statement allows for the resistance to disspate and your wattage to ramp up, your PA system be upgraded and you will tune with greater precision to your Soul Song to sing you to higher vibrations than you imagined. It’s a more empowering statement to embrace

From here your realtionships, your work, your home, your LIFE resonants to the vibrations you are broadcasting.

So it’s not about waiting and doing.  It’s about allowing.  Tuning to it and TURNING IT UP!

Using sound and breath to guide you into this tuning and turning up is what the work is evolving into.  The day workshop touches on this

AND (I’m going to say it to force me to be true to my word…)
The book I am writing and am finishing this year about Vibrational Wholeness will outline processes and techniques to embrace this wisdom.

YES!…That feels good… What do you think?

See you in the vibes…
With Love,

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